Marriott at Orlando Airport


Goofy lovers in MO
Jan 17, 2000
We are staying there after our cruise in July, 2002. Has anyone stayed there before. I got a rate of $60.00 for the Sat. night. after on priceline. Not sure I got a good deal. :confused:
You got an okay deal, but not an outstanding deal. A quick check of their web site shows available rates of $99 - 120 for July 20 (you didn't say which Saturday you were staying). The property itself is very nice. And you've already spent the money... Priceline bids aren't refundable. Go ahead and stay there... you'll be fine.
If it's the full-service Airport Marriott, not the Airport Courtyard by Marriott, you got a good deal. (I'm not saying the Courtyard is bad, but Courtyard is a lower tier brand on the Marriott scale.)

It's been many years since I've been the to the Orlando Airport Marriott, but it was a typical, modern, high-quality Marriott. Given Marriott's high standards, I have no reason to believe that the property would have deteriorated since I was there.

I still remember that dinner was very good. I had a shrimp ceasar salad, and they must have put on a pound of excellent large shrimp with a perfect texture. (I think the kitchen wasn't following the normal preparation instructions, and they gave me far more shrimp than I deserved.)

A quick look at shows that the weekday rate is $149-$179 and even the non-refundable weekend rate is $99 -- so a $60 Priceline rate seems pretty good.

You could have paid less in the Orlando Airport area for a lesser hotel, but it seems like a good idea to stay at a first class hotel before a first class cruise.
We use Priceline and Hotwire frequently for Orlando airport hotels, and the best deal I've gotten so far was $28 for the Renaissance via Priceline for one of our upcoming trips. Generally, we use Hotwire to get the Amerisuites at around $33 (although they don't give you the hotel name, it's easy to guess a "suites" hotel by the amenities). For us, the most important thing is to have a shuttle to pick us up from the airport, as we use Happy Limo to take us to the saves us from booking them for such a short jaunt from MCO to the hotel. So far, this has worked out really well for us. I was amazed at the Renaissance deal, as the cheapest price on their website is $144.
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Well, your $28.00 deal doesn't make me feel very good but your other comments help. What does it cost you to go to the port from the air port hotel? We may use something like that vs. the buses.
We lucked out and got the airport Marriott for $40 on Hotwire. Try their breakfast buffet it was delicious.

Enjoy your trip!

I got this hotel for $35 bid for May 23. After priceline fee and taxes my room came to $45.24. I have seen good reviews and they offer 24 hour airport pickup. Good deal for us because we arrive late.


We booked the Marriott Orlando Airport for a night before our Jan 26th Magic Cruise. My accepted Priceline bid including taxes and service charge was $45.00 and some change. We had a late flight into Orlando and were the last one's from our flight picked up in the airport hotel pick-up area. We brought all our luggage (too much!) into the hotel lobby. We were told the hotel was overbooked and we could stay at a Fairfield Inn approx. 2 blocks away (not nearly as nice). We loaded everything up, were taken to the Fairfield, and checked in to a room that was already occupied (at 12:30 a.m.!!). I wrote an email to Priceline when we returned and my costs were credited back to me. There was another couple that booked through hotwire that was on the same shuttle as us from the Marriott to the Fairfield due to overbooking. I'll bet whover got my room at the Marriott paid a few dollars more than I did!!!
I am so sorry you had to go through that :(. That could easily have been us too! We booked via hotwire for the night before our January 27th cruise getting into Orlando late. We checked in at approximately 10:00 pm. Thankfully, they had a room for us.

Thanks for the heads up. I will think twice before using them again.
If your room was prepaid how did they justify giving your room away. Whether you were there or not the room was rented. It wasn't like you just had it held by a credit card. This should not happen to us since we will be coming there from the ship. We got good plane fare by flying into Tampa. We will be arriving late and we got a room via hot wire at Chase Hotel and Suites called Tampa on the Bay. I hope this problem doesn't happen there.
As far as how could a hotel sell the room and then "walk" you? It is done all the time. Especially at Marriott's, where there are a lot of properties next to one another. Trust me. The $60 rate is not bad, if you want I can check on a better rate for you. Let me know the dates. Michele:)
I would love to have a better rate BUT I bought the room via priceline and in doing so can't change or cancel the reservation. But thanks for the offer. Is this hotel a nice Marriott. We stayed in one in St. Louis, MO and the rooms were really small.
Originally posted by bbushey
We were told the hotel was overbooked and we could stay at a Fairfield Inn approx. 2 blocks away (not nearly as nice). We loaded everything up, were taken to the Fairfield, and checked in to a room that was already occupied (at 12:30 a.m.!!).
The Fairfield Inn??? That's a surprise. I know Fairfield is part of the Marriott familiy of hotels, but Fairfield Inns compete with chains like Motel 6 and Red Roof Inn.

I'm sure there are cases when hotels find they can't honor their guaranteed reservations; for example, if previous guests don't check out, or if there are mechanical or plumbing problems that make rooms unsuitable for occupancy, and the number of rooms available thus turns out to be less than the number of guaranteed reservations. In such cases, a hotel should put you in a comparable or better property at their expense for the first night.


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