Mark & Angela - DAY FOUR - MGM and the Brown Derby

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    Cast of Characters:

    Angela (me): wife to DH, Mark
    Mark (DH): devoted (and very tolerant) husband to me

    Day Four - MGM and the Brown Derby

    Well, we didn’t win the lottery, but who can complain? We’re still at WDW! No one won, so the jackpot increased to $85 million! Good grief! Can you even imagine that amount of money?

    We woke up this morning at 7:00 and decided on a light breakfast. (We have a lunch PS at the Brown Derby today – yippee!) We went down to WCC and shared a fruit plate and the bakery basket. Yummy! Gram was our server again. She remembered us from last time. After breakfast we hopped on the bus to MGM. Today it arrived two minutes after we arrived at the bus stop and went straight to MGM (no stop at FW).

    When we got to MGM we had to do ToT first (of course). We walked on with no wait! It was fantastic! Afterwards, we had to pay a visit to the RnR. I don’t think this is the greatest roller coaster in Orlando, but it sure is fun! I love listening to Aerosmith while flying through the dark. And the take-off gets me every time. It’s so cool.

    We walked around to The Little Mermaid (never seen this before) and waited about 5 minutes. After that show (it was really cute), we went to WWTBAM, but the first show didn’t start for 40 minutes, so we decided to wait until later. Instead, we moved on to the Back Lot Tour. They added a new portion to it called “Harbor Attack.” This kind of simulates the special effects used in movies like Pearl Harbor. The rest of the tour was the same as it was last time we did it (a year ago).

    After leaving the tour, we checked out “Sounds Dangerous,” a show with Drew Carrey. It was neat. It was very dark though, through most of the show. Small children probably wouldn’t like it too much.

    By the time “Sounds Dangerous” was over, our stomachs were starting to growl. Mark looked at his watch and, lo and behold, it was time for our PS at the Brown Derby. We were seated immediately after we arrived, and the restaurant was still practically empty. Gus was our server. He brought iced tea and warm, crusty rolls with fresh butter. I ordered the pan-seared grouper with lemon plugra butter over steamed asparagus. Tasty. Mark had the peppercorn grilled New York strip steak with garlic-mashed potatoes. Very good, I must say. After such a wonderful meal, could we even have room for dessert? Duh. You haven’t been paying attention! We eat all the time! Of course we have to have dessert! I had to try the grapefruit cake (divine) and Mark got the raspberry cheesecake. It seems like he orders cheesecake an awful lot, doesn’t it? Oh well, why mess with a good thing? The restaurant was only about half-full when we left. This is unusual. Every other time we’ve eaten here, it’s been very busy. This is definitely the slow season.

    The rain began falling as we left the Brown Derby. The sky really looked black and we could hear thunder rumbling in the distance. Since I was starting to get a bit of a headache anyway, we decided to go back to the WL to see what the rain would do. When we got back it was coming down in buckets! Upon returning to the room I noticed we had another towel animal. This one was a bunny rabbit. Very cute. I put him next to the “Toweligator” and told them to play nice. I went out on the balcony and guess what? Two, count them, two otters were frolicking in the pond! (They seem to really enjoy the rain.) Get the camera!

    I laid down for a nap as my headache was quickly turning into a migraine. I get these things every now and then and they are not pretty. After about 30 minutes, I was getting sick and half my face had begun to swell (see, I told you they weren’t pretty). I took some medication and tried to sleep again. I slept for about an hour and a half. When I awoke, Mark said all the rain we were getting was because Eduoard (the Tropical Storm) changed his mind and decided to come back across the state of Florida. Great. Just what we need.

    We ate dinner later at the WCC again. (I didn’t really feel like going anywhere else that night.) Suzan (pronounced Susanne) was our waitress. She was so friendly and very attentive. After dinner, we stopped by Roaring Forks and got a couple of snacks to take back to the room. As it turned out, we didn’t eat them. We were too full from dinner all night!

    We watched a little television and relaxed for the rest of the evening. We could really hear the rain coming down and they cancelled the Electrical Water Pageant. Hopefully, I’ll be feeling better tomorrow. We’re going to Epcot. My favorite.
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    You poor thing - to get a migraine at WDW - hope you are feeling better in the morning - thanks for posting!
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    Aug 18, 2001
    Nice day, until the headache:( hope it got better!

    Thanks for posting!
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    Sorry to hear about the migraine. I hope the rain stopped for you!

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