Marathon Weekend 2023


Earning My Ears
Jul 28, 2020
Well I for one am glad this was delayed, since I completely forgot about registration until about 5 minutes ago. Here's to my Pooh-sized self limping across the finish line again in 2023!

How's everybody else's morning going??
I was hoping to register promptly at 10, get an hour run in, and get back to work by noon at the latest. Instead I've been here for the past couple hours plus and ordered a cheesesteak, so not too bad really. Good luck!


DIS Veteran
Jul 4, 2015
I got a confirmation email, and have this in my account. So...?

And honestly, why I'm so nervous. If they charged me, AND i got a confirmation, AND i still didn't get in because of the general registration mess....what do I do?
Someone on Instagram posted that they got registered right at 10am, hopefully that helps your nerves!


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