Marathon Weekend 2022

Sara W

Jun 22, 2018
In for the marathon! Not easy multi-tasking with my call, but I did it! (I had to check to make sure I registered for the right race after the call). My phone was the fastest even though I logged in from the phone several minutes after the 2 browsers on my computer.


Anything worth doing is worth overdoing
May 8, 2015
Ha, me too! I turned out my outer office light and shut my office door and someone STILL came in right while I was registering us! Luckily it was just my assistant so I told her to wait a minute and finished us up! Honestly, yesterday NOONE came to my office and I have had 5 people in and out of here today! Now I will show myself "available" again lol! :)

Even working from home, I blocked my calendar with an “out of office” appointment and STILL had someone drop a 2 hour meeting right across it!


Anything worth doing is worth overdoing
May 8, 2015
Registered for half!! But I haven't received the email confirmation yet .... it does show my registration in my runDisney account. Should I worry that I didn't get the email yet?

You should be fine as long as it’s showing in your account. It can take some time for the email to show up and they do get lost on occasion.


DIS Veteran
Dec 4, 2009
I'm in for half and 10k, and DH is in for 10k, but it was a semi-frustrating morning. My two devices that I had going AFTER 7 am west coast time got in before the one that I did slightly before. Anecdotal support for my previous experiences that it's better to go in right at time or slight after.

Anyway, I got all the way through registration for all three races and hit payment. Payment error. Ugh. Of course they don't have a "try another card" or "try again." I had to go all the way back through and register again. I decided to just do the half the second go around as that was the most important, and the second time the payment worked. I was glad i had multiple devices since I used the second one to register for both 10ks. Frustrating but I was in so quickly (no longer than 15 minutes for that first device) that it was okay.

I feel as if people still aren't back on the RunDisney bandgwagon for W&D or this. I suspect it has to do with accommodation, etc. Disney has forced us to plan months ahead that it's hard to shift to last minute.

On to costumes!


Oct 15, 2015
Got Dopey for me, DS is in for the Half.

I had so many browser issues with registration today. It literally took me four attempts to get the data to take. Because of that, I missed out on getting my DD in for the 5k.

The Damn, no shirt size pick got me multiple times.
And...5k is back open?

Edit: sold out again.

GO go go @shellott-hill!

ETA: Darn it! I will say keep an eye on it. Because if it's like past years Dopey bibs will be broken up in the months ahead and every once in a while a batch of bibs will be available.


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