Marathon Weekend 2020


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Jan 16, 2007
I love the in park music, especially at EPCOT, in Future World and Promise, the track that plays right after Illuminations. I always enjoy taking a walk around World Showcase Lagoon after it’s over with that playing. As far as in ride, I love the music in the Haunted Mansion.
Posted the same thing before I saw this. Totally agree!

Baloo in MI

I don’t have to, I get to.
Jan 28, 2015
SAFD: Already shared, but I have to add my name to Disney’s Electric Light Parade. I can remember being a kid and thinking this parade was about the best thing in the world. My younger daughter has a disney alarm clock that plays about 20 different songs and I love it when she has it on that parade’s music!

Good luck to all registering tomorrow!


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Aug 6, 2009
I was really aiming to do 2020 as my first marathon, but we’ve got a major, crazy stressful work project that just kicked off and goes through next May....and I just don’t think I can balance that with the training.

So to avoid making myself completely crazy, I think I’m going to pass this year. I’m so sad to say that!


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Apr 25, 2012
Registration day and I don't know what to run! I'm just going to do one race, so either the half or the full.

I like doing the full and running through all the parks, but I like doing the half and not really missing any park time. Because this trip is mainly a vacation with one long run thrown in. :P


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Apr 7, 2016
Since it was just announced Star Wars Celebration is going to be yearly and not every other year I don’t know if my friend plans on doing rival run.... debating on signing up for this 10k instead or doing rivals myself as it’s an anniversary year


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