May 4, 2018
I have to figure the registration issues are contributing to how fast the races are/are not selling out.

Who knows how many pending charges I have on the CC; I haven't looked past the first. I saw multiple Error: FAILURE messages. Things from my experience:

- While the ability to register multiple people at a time was nice in theory, it didn't work well while the servers were being slammed if you wanted to register difference races. My first attempt I tried to do two 5ks, a 10k, and a Dopey registration. I was able to give paces and select shirt sizes for the 5ks, but not for the 10k and never saw the proof of time stuff for the Dopey. Of course, that registration didn't go through. I ended up reverting to registering everything individually.
- I ended up seeing two main spots for failure. One was after entering all the info on the first page; it would go to have you review your info before paying ...but there would be no button or place to add a credit card. Only solution was to refresh and start over. Second was after entering the payment info, where you'd get the dreaded Error: FAILURE message. Again, only solution was to refresh and start over. From a user experience viewpoint those are both ...extremely problematic.
- For the love of all that is, let me set up profiles next time. I can do it beforehand, you can get all the info accurately, and then I can choose it from a dropdown. Please? Pretty please?
- If I am registering for another person why is the default assumption that I have their credit card info and the billing info is their address? Why? WHY?
- I don't know how they managed to break it so that auto-fill only filled half the stuff it would normally fill and then would have some of it disappear later but combined with the two points above it made me sad.

Eight registrations. Eight. And, as one example, I'm pretty sure I filled out the half marathon registration for one sister at least ten times.


Jan 10, 2018
If you go to the manage account page on runDisney does it show that you are registered?
My credit card has been charged but no email either and not change to the account page.

Sorry to answer this so late. Yes, I was also able to see this in my manage account page on runDisney. I've been away from my office/computer for several hours this afternoon


DIS Veteran
Dec 4, 2009
Glad to know that the delay in registration was worth it so that they could get everything working seamlessly.
THIS!!! It's crazy how a company of Disney's size can get away with such a horrible user experience time and time again and we still keep handing them our money :( They should know exactly how many people were going to be registering on both the pre-days and normal registration day. Reading through this thread has made me frustrated, LOL, and I pre-registered through one of the groups! I will keep my fingers crossed for those of you who are experiencing problems that everything works out!


DIS Veteran
Jan 16, 2007
My sister fortunately ended up getting her confirmation email about an hour or so after finishing registering. So everything seems okay. Congrats to everyone else who toughed out the serious frustration and got into the races they wanted!

I hope they get these issues worked out in time for Princess registration, because that one still seems to be the toughest weekend to register for with the quickest sellouts.


DIS Veteran
Jul 5, 2008
I'm still trying, having no problem with getting through the registration form, it just won't take my credit card (I've tried several).
Ugh! This happened to me!!! SOOO FRUSTRATING! I had my WHOLE family registered, then the payment button was just greyed out. I waited 20 minutes! NOTHING! I restarted my Mac, had a hell of a time getting back in the queue. FINALLY, when I got back in the queue, another 20 minutes before I got to re-register ALL OF US!

2 HOURS all in all!!! BUT! Yay! Registered and have a one bedroom villa in BLT!!!!! YIPPEEEE!!!

Baloo in MI

I don’t have to, I get to.
Jan 28, 2015
Congrats to everyone registered! I am currently sitting in the waiting room waiting for my MRI. Tomorrow I will learn plan and timeline (hopefully). I am still holding on to hope of quick recovery and the chance to prepare for WDW Marathon Weekend, but have to wait and see.

Excited for you all!!!!!


DIS Veteran
Dec 19, 2004
Congrats to everyone registered! I am currently sitting in the waiting room waiting for my MRI. Tomorrow I will learn plan and timeline (hopefully). I am still holding on to hope of quick recovery and the chance to prepare for WDW Marathon Weekend, but have to wait and see.

Excited for you all!!!!!

Good luck with the read and recovery!


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Oct 28, 2004
Nothing definitive, but this is what I came up with based on 2018:

View attachment 337949

To be in corral E (the last POT submitted corral), you would need a 10 mile time between 1:56:36 - 1:58:52 based on the conversion used. You would need a 2:36:06 - 2:38:17 HM based on the conversion used for a 5:30 M. I believe runDisney is on the faster side of the conversions necessary (so the 1:56:36 10 mile and 2:36:06 HM) to hit that 5:30 Marathon conversion.

Also, I played around with the registration. I was able to confirm, that if you choose a non-POT estimated finish (Over 5:30 or Over 2:45), then you are asked for an anticipated finish from a drop-down menu choice. Those three choices are very likely going to represent the last three corrals. If you choose the 1st of those choices, you will be in the 1st non-POT corral (Corral F as seen above). If you choose the 3rd of those choices (like 3:16-3:30), you will be in the last corral overall (Corral H as seen above).

View attachment 337950 View attachment 337951
@DopeyBadger - Question for you. My wife’s 10K time was 1:13:36. She selected that she would finish the half under 2:45 and entered 1:13:36 as her proof. I thought she would be in Coral E. But now I am not sure. Where do you think she will end up?


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