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    First let me say I have been to Disney so many times I can not count, in addition I have been there during Marathon weekend before. I had a great race on Friday and Saturday only to have Sunday be so frustrating. I love Disney and never had an issue. Now enter ignorant Magic Bus employees.

    Saturday evening I made my reservation to be picked up at the Contemporary for 7:50 am. I was outside very early watching runners pass the 5 mile mark. I was at the Magic bus stop sign at 7:40 am......then.........8:15 am and there is still no bus, people are getting nervous and I get it "marathon weekend" I am a runner and I understand with the road closures there are delays. So I called them and the woman on the phone said that I missed the bus and I must not have been out there in time. I was soooo furious at her for saying this. I explained there were at least 5 other families waiting outside with me. Another woman was on the phone with them also. I even went over to talk to the bell men at the stand by the entrance and they told me last bus was here at 7:28, no 7:50 bus yet.

    I told the woman on the phone that she is mistaken but she insisted the bus had already been there and we all missed it, it is our fault. She said the bus driver said he was already there. I told her that he was lying and even told her what the bell man said. She then said "well its really busy" yeah lady I get it but did I miss the bus or is it running late. I have no issue if the woman would have said "I apologize we are running super late, I am soo sorry it should be there soon." But for her to jump on me and tell me its my fault. I told her that her behavior towards me was unacceptable to just say it was my fault without looking into the situation.

    Bus came at 8:30, so now we had double people, the 7:50 passengers and 8:20 passengers. The bus driver was nice but very frustrated with the road closures mumbling something about no knowing how to get out because of the traffic. I was in the front and I could hear dispatchers yelling at drivers, drivers yelling at the dispatchers. Again I am repeating in my head that the marathon is nothing new so why are they so mad at the road closures. The bus driver asked out the window to a volunteer as we are at a set of lights how to get to the airport. The people on the bus were so worried about missing flights, how could this bus driver be so uninformed. I spoke up and told the bus driver he needed to go left, he started to go straight... omg I almost stood up and screamed. I told him he should turn around because he is going to the Grand Floridian and could not get out that way. He waved me off. Guess what.... we got stuck at the Grand Floridian. UGH I did make my flight when we finally got to the airport but others were not so lucky.

    I am so disappointed in the Magic Bus, I am such a planner and all of this could have been avoided. Disney has been doing this marathon for 20 years, why was the Magic Bus so out of it??:(
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    Please take the time to let disney world know about it also, not just here, and not just the one person you talked to. send an email to and give them all the details.. As much info as possible so they can be aware and follow up on it.
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    I was on that same bus but caught it at Wilderness Lodge. We were supposed to have an 8:00 pick up. It didn't get there till 8:46, and yes I was also shocked that he turned toward the Grand. It was shockingly screwed up.

    We barely made our flight--it was boarding when we got there--but I agree with everything you wrote about the messed up bus this morning.

    I am writing Disney in the morning.

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