Mama Melrose vs. Chefs de France

Ms. Heimlich

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Apr 27, 2006

I can't decide between Mama Melrose & Chefs de France!!

Has anyone had good/bad experiences here before?

We ate at MM in Aug 2006 during a tour, but have never eaten there "normally." We've never been to CdF.


ms. h
I LOVED chefs de france when I went 2 years ago, but I went last week and HATED my main course. I enjoyed my escargot appetizer and my profiteroles dessert, but my friend and I BOTH hated our main courses...she got a beef dish and it was just really dry and the palenta was the most disgusting EVER, and I got the lamb which was WAY too overcooked and dry and had no flavor to it, and the rice that it was over was just OK, there wasn't any type of creamy sauce for extra flavoring like with any other French food I've ever had. I would go with mama melrose's!
I have heard both good and bad reviews of Mama Melrose, but we were there the first week of June as part of the Fantasmic package and had a great experience. DH raved about the artisanal cheese and bread appetizer, and my flatbread was delicious.
I realize everyone's experience will be different and you'll hear good and bad for both restaurants, but here's my take... (And I'm pretty easily pleased.)

I've been to Chefs de France three times. The first two times I wasn't crazy about it. The last time - in December as part of the Candlelight Procession package - it was horrible.
I got the onion/flatbread app, and it was incredibly salty. Inedible.
Then I had the filet and it was dry and tough. I won't rush back there.

That said, the service was, and always is, great and the atmosphere is wonderful.

I've eaten at Mama Melrose three or four times and enjoyed it every time. I love the calamari there. And the chocolate volcano type desert is amazing.

Obviously, my vote is for Mama's.

I went to Mama Melrose's last year and looooved it! My mom got an amazing eggplant parmasean (I hated that dish until I tried it at MM!)

I vote for MM
As I've said many times, in many different posts...we love Mama Melrose's. We'll be there again this Sept. for my birthday. If anyone in your group is a picky eater, this is the restaurant for them. I akways get the Seafood Diavola, but get it shrimp only. It comes with almost more shrimp than I can eat. The wait staff is always so cheerful about making changes to the dish for you. The chocolate cake is wonderful! It's a small round individual cake with a warm chocolate liquid center. The cake is drizzled with raspberry sauce and a few raspberries.

I've never eaten at Chefs De France, but let me know how it is if you decide on it.
I can only offer my opinion on Mama Melrose's but in all the years that my parents and I have eaten there, we have always had a great time! I like to think of it as a Disney version of the Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill! It's not the best meal you will ever have, but for us it has always been a consistent choice! Enjoy either of them!

On a note, people seem to always be harsh against Mama Melrose's and it baffles me. I can only think they feel this way because they go into eating there with expectations a little to high.

Have a good one!:)


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