Making ADR's tomorrow morning. Please advise on my ADR priorities!!


Oct 23, 2017
Hello DIS family!

We're staying 10 nights Oct 24 through Nov 3rd at WL. I was wondering if anyone can make sure I'm not messing up my ADR list for booking tomorrow morning?
I'm also doing this list based on that character meals and buffets will be back to normal by then. If not, I will have to make some changes in the future.

1. California Grill Sunday Brunch ADR + 8
2. Trattoria Al Forno breakfast ADR + 4
3. Garden Grill breakfast ADR +2
4. Ohana Dinner ADR +1 (Can swap for ADR + 4 if needed)
5. Liberty Tree Tavern Dinner (ADR + 7 This is for early dinner (around 5) at MK on Halloween before we start MNSSHP).
6. Homecomin' Saturday Brunch (ADR + 7)
7. Cape May Cafe (ADR + 2- early dinner)
8. 1900 Park Fare dinner (ADR + 9)
9. Hoop Dee Doo (ADR + 4 or can swap with Ohana if unable to get an early dinner for Ohana).

The rest I'm not as concerned about, unless you see one that I should?

The Wave or Boma (I haven't decided which one yet for dinner after hopefully going to California Grill for brunch that day)
Raglin Road dinner
Chefs de France or Teppan Edo (Still trying to decide for lunch on this one).
50's Prime Time Cafe dinner
Yak and Yeti lunch
Whispering Canyon Cafe (arrival day dinner)
Morimoto Asia (ADR + 9 lunch)

Thank you for the help! :thanks:
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Oct 23, 2017
Just as a reference for anyone who has a similar set of restaurants in the future, I was able to get all of my ADR's this morning without an issue. There were plenty of times available for everything, including Cali Grill brunch. I even overslept and didn't get to start till 535 AM CST!


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