MagicBand+ Paring


DIS Veteran
Apr 2, 2008
If I'm putting this in the wrong board apologies in advance. So we just got our new bands and started to pair and update them. Looks like they require bluetooth to operate but wondering if I need to have my phone with the MDE running to get the user experience? If that is the case would that mean I need every member of my party have the MDE running and have their individual bands paired with them? I'm really hoping that's not the case as I really don't want to worry about DS or DD having the MDE going and something not working.


Mar 28, 2018
You really only need the Play Disney Parks app to be running for things like the Fab 50 Statue hunt and Batuu Bounty Hunters. For those things, as far as I'm aware, each person would need their own device and app. They do not have to have MDE up and running though in order to use the bands. That's just for the initial pairing and for changing settings (and you can pair them all to the same device/app if you want).