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    If we use Disney's Magical Express transportation, how soon can we expect our luggage to be delivered to our POFQ room when our flight arrives as late at 10:00 PM? I am concerned that our luggage may not be delivered for two or more hours after our late night check-in, when we would most likely be asleep. Do we have the option of carrying our own luggage with us?
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    Yes just Don't use the yellow ME tags.

    When you arrive at MCO go get your bags then go to ME check-in. If you want you can send someone ahead to do that then the rest can meet there and get on the bus.
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    You also have the option of getting your bags delivered (skipping baggage claim, etc.), but when you get to the resort asking at the front desk AND at Bell Services to have your bags held 'til morning. Smart travelers always have well-stocked carry-ons with them, anyway, just in case the AIRLINE delays luggage, and in those carry-ons you can pack PJs and toiletries as well as clothes for the morning.

    Waiting for your bags at baggage claim will slow you down, not only in terms of the waiting itself, but due to the waiting you'll probably have to catch a later bus than the one you would have been on if you'd gone directly to the DME desk instead of baggage claim.

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