Magic of Christmas & Birthday celebrations Day 5.....

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  1. scampbunny

    scampbunny <font color=darkorchid>The most fab of surprises!<

    Mar 5, 2008
    Day 5 - and the journey home....

    Our last early start!!! had decided that, if most of the stuff was packed the previous night, then we could go to the park, do emh, and then the men cud come back and finish up and load up the car whilst we met pooh (sil was gettin desperate lol) so, brekkie at 7.15am (lol) and we head off to the park - characters at the hotel were chip n dale, and pluto again, so disappointed we didnt wait.....

    crammed in all the rides, ds2 wanting to do dumbo a couple of times, ds1 wanting peter pan, and of course we had to do buzz.............. i got to level 4!!!!!!!!!!!!! unfortunately the screens werent working so i got no proof, but i just got over the 100,000 mark - so i dont care lol quick stop for a family pic....

    so, after this, the men head off back to the hotel (and for sum reason we never made arrangements where to meet lol) and sil queued up for pooh with ds1, and ds2 and i hung around the princess stage, just in case.... but it was ariel again:sad2: so back to pooh, and ds2 cudnt wait to go n see him - poss one of the best pictures we got then - he just loves pooh bear (need to buy him one lol).[/IMG

    that done, we saw the character express and thought - what the hell, lets get some more autographs, so ds1 collected pinocchio and timon from the express,
    [IMG] [​IMG]
    then suddenly daisy duck appeared behind us (shed not been on the express) so of course we had to go see her again!! she was great and stood by the pushchair for nephew to get his pic too :cloud9:

    so at this point, after tryin to get hold of the men - and not managing, we head out of the park (through the shops lol) and towards the village, as we had a booking at cafe mickey for 12pm..... we met the men just at the village entrance, so a leisurely walk (and pop into shops for some bits lol) and we arrived at 11:55 and there was already a queue!!!!!!!!!! went in and made sure they knew that we were having a cake (surprise for the boys) and asked if maybe mickey and minnie could come over with it - but was told minnie wasnt there (a sad bit to the hols) but she said she wud def ask mickey, and maybe the others wud come over anyhow - at this point she also told me which characters there were today - 6 in total.

    so we get a good table, and get drinks and food order and wait..... first out was prince john - think whoever was him in june was the same this time, as the autograph is identical, and also the way he was was the same - very funny, and good interaction with the boys (i love this guy lol)....

    followed by friar tuck (also very good interaction) and of course mickey.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    our food then arrived, and so did the next wave of characters (we all order pizza - very imaginative lol) and we had dale (made nephew cry) then chip (excellent interaction with all, and nephew loved?!?!?!?:confused: not sure how come lol) and then goofy - who i must say was the worst, just signed, had pic, and then left (which was weird, as i wondered if it was the same person who played prince john - both tall, all other characters smaller) - but the attitude was different!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    by now, food was finished, and we wondered when they wud do the cake...... when all of a sudden the music starts, and out came the cake with mickey..... boys were def surprised, but cm just plonked the cake down - closer to nephew (grrrrrrrrrrrr) so we had to move it in between the boys, and everyone was clapping and prince john & friar tuck came over and patting the boys, ds2 desperately wanted to blow out the cangles, but cudnt reach..... now this what i loved, friar tuck lent over, and carefully picked up the cake and held it up for ds2 to blow out 2 candles, then held it over to ds1 to blow out the other!!! boys were just beaming, and lovin it all!!! friar tuck gave them both a pat on the head and thumbs up, and went, and suddenly prince john was back, and gestured he was hungry, and picked up the cake lol god a pic of ds1 lookin rather shocked!! fab interaction, and we got the bill - but at first they didnt do the discount - when i showed my card, they did another bill with 25% off lol we then collected together the hb vouchers we had, and found that, we wudnt need to put any money as they wud cover it (along with cake voucher) so very surprised (and pleased lol) but then cm said we cudnt use both, which i said we could, as i know at least 1 person has used the shareholders card, then paid with vouchers - so i said i knew u cud, and he checked, and then took it..... so, as i was still feelin a bit guilty due to this extra discount we seemed to have, i left a 10 eur tip lol

    so, back to the car, and we got sil & families stuff out, and walked back to the station and said goodbye to them... then headed back to the park for a wander around and watch the parade..... by this time, we were startin to feel sad at going, and after the parade, we decided we would start to head back and collect the car (via the shops ;) ) and said goodbye to main street as we walked back to the car......

    we had a good drive back to the tunnel (although i cried as i really hate leaving.....) and got to the terminal with sum sapre time - so i used my last euros on 6 cheap bottles of wine, sum choc & a couple of hot drinks, and then onto the train.... unfortunately we were delayed at folkestone, due to broken down car, but it was soon moved and we were heading home - arrived back at 1.30am so a very long day................

    we did have a great time, ds2s interaction with the characters made it for me, along with the extra attantion at the tea party, and the look on the boys faces with the birthday cake at cafe mickey!! the snow was excellent (the real stuff lol) and we had good weather the whole time - cold, but dry (or rather just no rain, just snow) and great characters to meet!!!

    not sure when we will be back, as dhs job had changed n hell be back n forth to turkey with work, but am hoping maybe a halloween trip can be sorted, if not sumthin before then.....

    ill need a disney fix of sum sort.....................;)
  2. ema74

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    Jun 22, 2006
    Great report!!! Fab photos!

    Glad you enjoyed it all especially the boys! :goodvibes
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  4. jillrobinson

    jillrobinson DIS Veteran

    Mar 30, 2005
    Loved your trippie, you got loads done despite the cold and the boys look as thought they absolutely loved meeting the characters.

    Thanks for sharing :thumbsup2
  5. karenmoloney

    karenmoloney DIS Veteran

    Jan 27, 2006
    Sounds like you got loads done & had a great time. Great photos.
  6. Tillybud

    Tillybud DIS Veteran

    Jul 5, 2008
    what an amazing trip, thanks for sharing :goodvibes

    I can't wait to use my shareholders card on my next trip, I'll be so excited about that ! Now I just need to work on when we're going next.
  7. tinks_1989

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    Jan 31, 2007
    wow you were very lucky the amount of characters you saw even if you did have to fight a few rude people off lol
  8. giuly09

    giuly09 it made me feel like i was the queen....

    Apr 19, 2007
    Great report, and so many photos with characters :cool1:
    Thanks for sharing :goodvibes
  9. WeezyLamb

    WeezyLamb Earning My Ears

    Dec 19, 2008
    Have just read your whole report and glad you had such a great time :) My son does not sound dissimilar to your youngest, but with age he is MUCH better and we can actually do queuing now - woohoo!!

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