Magic of Christmas & Birthday celebrations Day 1/2.....

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  1. scampbunny

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    Mar 5, 2008
    Pre Trip

    Day One/Two

    Firstly – I must mention that dhs sis also booked the same holiday as us, but separate, and, as we were unsure how much time we wud be together, I never mentioned them in pre trip – but, as events unfolded – we spent most of our holiday with them!!

    So – we set off from the midlands at 12.30pm after filling up at tesco (with our 5p off per ltr coupon) and drove down to Folkestone where we would be stayin in the holiday inn express (bout 0.2m from the tunnel). We arrived in good time, and proceeded to refill car at above mentioned supermarket, due to having a selection of 5p coupons lol. We checked in, and arranged to collect our breakfast at 6am eeeeeeeeeeek and then went off to local pub for tea (was next to premier travel in, prob about 1m from tunnel). Back to hotel and into bed (8pm lol) as tomorrow the magic would truly begin!!!

    5.50am and I was up and dressed and collecting breakfast – fairly standard – croissant, cheese, apple & sum juice – and out of hotel and to the tunnel for our 7.35am train – which was late leaving!!!!!!!!!! Eating into our Disney time – how dare it?!?!?!?!?!?!

    We soon arrived, and were off…. Tomtom being very good and we arrived at just before 12.30pm at hotel Cheyenne (tolls were same as cap’njack – 19.60). massive queue at check in, but soon thru, and found our room was ready (the same one as we had in june – just like I asked and hoped for – 1603 – Annie Oakley) and so bags dropped, extra layers added, and we were off!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1.30pm……….. and into the magic!!! Our first port of call was city hall, but just in the doorway – who should we see, but mickey mouse!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ds1 got a pic (although light not very good)
    but was a fab start, and a sign of a good character trip we would have – ds2 just went very shy and wouldn’t go near…. So, into city hall we go, and ds2 was given (or rather I was given) the easy pass, which we decided we would try not to use, and just go with the flow and see how things were – ds2 is being assessed for speech/language/communication difficulties, and finds it hard to understand things, and queuing usually promotes major meltdown/tantrums/screaming – so we weren’t sure how he wud be at all.

    After this, we had our pic under the xmas tree, then we went n bought a new autograph book for ds1 and then we headed thru to check out where mickeys show wud be, and then walked thru to find out where captain jack sparrows meet would be – and there he was!!!!!!!!!!

    So, quick autograph & pics, and then we headed for potc (a first for us) which was a walk on & boys enjoyed!! We then wandered thru our fav land – fantasyland, after having a quick play on the pirate ship, and straight to caseys for our hotdogs – I had intended a croque monsier but queue was so big in caseys, I cudnt be bothered to queue twice so ended with a hotdog, and just as I came out – it was the main street snow – lovely…… we were now killing time til dhs sis arrived, as wed not heard from them, so headed over to iasw and decided, due to how busy it was, to use the easy pass for the disabled area, and this gave us a good view of the parade…..
    Seeing as we were in the area – we went on iasw, and then heard from dhs sis that they were in the park, and they met us just after – and, very spooky, they had been put in Annie Oakley block…… and even more spooky – they had the room next door – adjoining doors!!!!!!!!!!! Couldn’t have arranged it if id tried!!! We then went to marionettes, and had sum food, and grrrrrrrrrrrrrr missed candelabration – but got sum good pics from behind the castle….
    Then walked round to the front and took sum more,
    and then wandered down main street (via the shops lol) to get a place for fantillusion. Dhs sis in the end went back to their room as their ds is only 1 and was getting cranky…….. and we watched the parade – very pretty, but we were in the wrong spot for the stops :sad2:
    after it finished it was mad scrum out of the park, and back to the room – where dhs sis had hired a kettle – so hot drinks all round and early bed – as I had got us 7am for brekkie the next day (ha ha ha)…..

    all day one/two pics - 1 disney/?albumview=slideshow

    will try n get more pics added and next days up tomorro - as off to work now....
  2. tennisfan

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    Jul 15, 2004
    Great start with lovley photos:thumbsup2
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  4. poppyolivia

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    Feb 1, 2007
    nice start!!! Love your photos!!:thumbsup2
  5. ema74

    ema74 Addicted to everything with Ears

    Jun 22, 2006
    Fab start!!! Love the photos! We didn't see Jack Sparrow but didn't really try hard to find him :rotfl2:

    So cool you got 2 adjoining rooms and you enjoyed your holiday with SIL :goodvibes
  6. Tillybud

    Tillybud DIS Veteran

    Jul 5, 2008
    what a great start and fab photos.

    We met Jack Sparrow and he was just lovely ;) could have swapped him for hubby :rotfl:
  7. Cyrano

    Cyrano DIS Veteran

    Oct 23, 2004
    Loved your photos as well as the start you had :)

    Sounds like you made good use of the guest assistance card :)

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