Magic Mountain 6/29

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    I don't write trip reports for DL as I go so much they'd get boring. But my friends and I spent yesterday at Magic mountain. We figured we'd better go before there wasn't a Magic mountain to visit anymore (actually, we'd planned this for weeks before Six Flags putting it up for sale had been announced).


    Me, 35, Roller coaster nut. I'll try anything once. Hadn't been to MM in 6 years.
    Jamie, 36, decided he'd better follow suit and try anything once. Hadn't been to MM in 12 years.
    Brittany, 15, also, will try anything once. Was last at MM last year.

    We arrived pretty close to park opening. Jamie and I used the Coke can for the buy 1 get 1 free deal. Brittany had a season pass voucher.

    Our first stop was Guest Relations. Jamie was in a car accident a few years ago that hurt his knees really bad and he has a hard time with stairs. Since none of us wanted to deal with a wheelchair going up the big hills at MM, we'd do like we do at DL--ask for a pass that allows bypassing any portion of a queue with stairs. This is never a problem at DL. At MM, on the other hand, they only want to issue this if you have a wheelchair, cane, crutches or a Dr's note. They issued one anyway after we said that he'd have brought a Dr's note if it had said that on their website, but all it says is to ask at Guest Relations in the park. Anyway, we got it and went over to process Brittany's season pass. That took all of a couple of minutes. We headed towards our first ride, X, and got lost. MM has terrible signage. We finally figured out that X was on the other side of a new bridge. The line was pretty short at the time. After stowing our stuff in a locker, we got in line (they had a ramp on one side). It took a while as they only ran 1 train (don't know if this is normal). But we finally got on. We all were pretty nervous, but loved it in the end. Another friend had warned me that it was pretty violent, but I didn't think so.

    Next, we went to Tatsu and actually made use of the pass. They told us to come back at 1:20 and we'd get right on. I hadn't had anything to eat yet that day, so we went around to try to find food. We ended up getting chicken strips and fries and a small drink for $9.99. Pretty much a rip off. 3 small chicken strips and the fries were hard. Also, the honey-mustard sauce was nasty. Makes me really appreciate the chicken strips I get at DL--even though they just raised the prices on them. DL has bigger strips (and 4 of them) and the fries are a lot better (at $7.99 it's not a great deal, but they taste so much better). The drink is extra, but we usually bring drinks into DL, so it's not really an issue. Plus a meduim soda at DL is $2.69, while at MM it's $3.49.

    After filling our stomachs, we went on Gold Rusher. It's MM's oldest coaster, but still a lot of fun. We still had time to wait before we could ride Tatsu, so we went on Jet Stream. Big mistake. We wouldn't have gotten that wet, except that there were several inches of water sitting in the bottom of the boat. When we went up the lift, Jamie got soaked. When we came off the lift, my feet got soaked. It was now Tatsu time. we went over there and actually got on the ride in a decent amount of time, but for some reason it took forever for us to actually get going. Unfortunately, I didn't get my restraint locked down quite far enough (and once they're locked, they aren't going to get tighter) and my lower back was a couple of inches away from the back of the seat, so I didn't feel very secure and held on for dear life. It seems like it was a good ride if you were secure. Brittany liked it a lot. Jamie and I weren't so sure.

    Nest, we went over to Deja Vu for a comeback time, then to Riddler's Revenge for the same. Deja Vu was quick and easy. They told us to come back at 3:30. Riddler was much harder. We couldn't get an employee's attention. Finally we were told to come back at 2:56. This was at about 2:15. We went over and rode the bumber cars and then decided to do what I call the "bench ride." That means sit and rest. It was hot, really hot. We found a shady spot and waited until it was about time to go to Riddler. We went back to Riddler and waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, we got the attention of one of the employees and got on the ride. It was a favorite of everybody. I was the only one of us who'd been on it. Next was Deja Vu. It's an inverted, verticle boomerange coaster. Other than the stop at the end, we all liked that one too.

    Next came the longest hill climb of the day to Sammurai Summit so we could ride Ninja and Superman. Ninja seemed to have just come back form a breakdown and there was no line. The brakes on this thing sound like a sick elephant. Brittany skipped Superman. Jamie and I were grateful for an air conditioned queue line. Though the sign out front said it was a 1:45 minute wait, it was more like 30 (I think people simply play with those things). Once we were on, it took some time to actually go because a couple of people didn't fit the restraints. Finally, we went. It was the best airtime I've ever had on it.

    We left Sammurai Summit and walked towards Goliath and Scream. We did Goliath first. The line was very short. Jamie tried to use the elevator to get up there, but like most of the elevators in the park, it didn't work and he ended up joining us in the regular line. Goliath is one of my favorite roller coasters. I finally got to ride it in the front for the first time. Nest up was food. I was starving. I was able to get some California Rolls at the nearby Food Etc... Best meal I had in the park. Next was Scream. No line, a working elevator (though it was sloooooooooooow), and a great ride.

    We headed to Batman next. That would be my last ride. I love Batman. Jamie took the elevator and waited for us to come through the regular line. Fun ride, like always. I love the second inversion, which is the heartline spin. Jamie and Brittany went on Viper. I skipped that one because it's too rough. I hit my jawbones on the restraints on it and feel like I've done 10 rounds with a heaveyweight boxer after it's over. I sat down near the front of the park and waited. My socks were still wet from the earlier soaking and I got some pretty nasty blisters.

    Overall impressions: Man, could MM learn a thing or ten from Disney. At DL, they have CM's at the beginning of every line to direct people to the proper place. They keep things like elevators in working order (and if they're not, have alternate ways of getting handicapped people onto rides). Food is way better and a better value. CM's take pride in what they do. The greenest, most inadequate DL CM is better than most of the MM employess. And the best DL CMs are awsome.
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    Enjoyed reading your report ~ Thanx for sharing.
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    good report - thanx ! :thumbsup2
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    Jul 7, 2006
    Cedar Fair, owners of Magic Mountain, are "thinking" and studying options to sell to another theme park operators OR sell it to a real estate investor.

    Magic Mountain in the 1970s was a fun place to hang out when I was a kid. At that time, there were no homes or commercial buildings in that area. Today it is another story!

    With Disneyland, I love what they do BUT they should have made California Adventure into a roller coaster theme park to grab market share from Knott's Berry Farm and Magic Mountain.
  6. iceskatejen

    iceskatejen <font color=0000CC>I did it 4 times during my trip

    Mar 24, 2004
    Six Flags owns Magic Mountain, not Cedar Fair. Cedar Fair owns Knott's, though.
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    thanks for sharing

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