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    Hi everyone, I've been reading the boards but it's actually my second time posting. I'm actually posting hoping that maybe some of the key people from the park actually read these. I'm a HUGE Disney fan, I go at least twice a year and I have a 9 year old daughter, 5 year old boy, and 4 year old daughter. My last trip was on December 8, yes just 2 days after the opening of the new Fantasyland. I absolutely loved it!!!! The circus area is just beautiful, Prince Eric's castle, was breath taking, the Beast's castle was just like in the movie and the Be our guest restaurant made me feel like I was actually in the movie. I love everything about Disney. Leave it to Disney to create such beautiful attractions right down to the last detail. That being said, I really wish they would do some attractions geared more towards boys. I know the circus area could be for both boys and girls but I men something more than that. Why can't we have a restaurant in Tomorrowland with Buzz lightyear or one in Frontierland with Woody and Jesse which would be good for both sexes. A restaurant with Peter Pan, Tinker bell and Captain Hook. Those are just things that I think could be fairly simple and would be great for boys. I love every new addition they are making in the park but everything seems to be so girl oriented. I've heard rumors that Cars land may be coming to HS. That would be amazing in my opinion because although some people like some attractions to be at just a certain park to make the park be I guess kind of exclusive or set apart from the other Disney parks. I live on the East coast and flying to the West coast is unfortunately not within my budget. So I would be thrilled if that were to happen, but getting back to boy oriented rides and restaurants. If they can't bring Cars land or don't want to why not give the racetrack in MK a facelift. Make it all Lighting McQueen themed, update it. I'll be 40 this year and I've been going to Disney once a year since I was 7 or 8 and at least twice a year since I've had my kids and I don't recall them fixing up the track and if they have it hasn't been anything too noticeable. I mean they don't need to do the whole Cars land like in California Adventure but at least dress it up like Cars. I don't know I guess I hadn't really paid attention to these details before being that after all I'm a girl and that my oldest is a girl but now that my son is actually enjoying and understands more when we go to the parks I just wish they would come up with more boy things but, again that's just my opinion.
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    I agree totally about the restaurant choices! It is the most difficult one for us to book as there are not that many good choices for the whole family to agree on. Maybe that's a good thing as we always load up on Dole Whips and no one is hungry after that!:crazy2:

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