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Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by lgilton, Aug 26, 2001.

  1. lgilton

    lgilton Earning My Ears

    May 21, 2001
    Just back yesterday from cruise. As a first time cruiser all I have
    to say is it was "So much fun".
    I knew about the port stops, what I didn't really know about was
    all the game shows on the ship. My daughter and I made friends with another family the first day on board, and liked the people at our dinner table, and we went to all the game shows after dinner every evening. We had a blast. We even won gold medals for winning a game called "Magic Quest". I just don't know how we're going to get along at home without a game show to go to after dinner! Be sure you attend these.
    Our wait staff at mealtime was great. Our Server was Milan from Yugoslavia, Alexandra from France, and Pietro was our head server from Italy. My daughters birthday occurred while on board, and Pietro sang to her in Italian. Milan is cute, funny, very nice. He always smiled and clowned around for me with my video camera. The food was delicious. I never got anything I didn't like, but then I didn't order anything I wouldn't eat normally.
    We arranged snorkeling over the internet before our trip. We went snorkeling with the Coki Beach Dive Club. We had never snorkeled before. They met us at the ship, drove us to the dive club, gave us gear, helped us with it, taught us what to do, dove with us as well as left us alone to try it, all the while checking on us. All for $25 per person. It was exceptional. It rained that day, and DCL cancelled their excursion for snorkeling. Since I had made my own reservations, we went as planned, though it wasn't raining just yet. I highly reccommend Coki Beach Dive Club. Our instructors name was Chris, he is originally from Maryland.
    Be sure you order a hamburger and extra coleslaw from room service. They were probably (and i shouldn't say this, because i really did like the food at dinner), the best things we had to eat. Their hamburgers are to die for! So is the coleslaw.
    Be sure to get a soda mug if you drink soda at all. Everyone was carrying them. Go to Guest Services and ask for a permanent marker to put your name on the lid and the cup.
    Be sure to take a sweater with you. The movie theater is quite cold. I did not think any other place was cold, but you never know.
    Take lots of film, even more than you think you need. I took more pictures and videos thank i expected and had to buy video film and camera film on the ship.
    Be extra sure to take a duffel or pool type bag for the beach. I didn't and again, bought one at the ship. It only cost $35 though, and it is a nice bag.
    If you want a gift for someone, definitely order it from The Perfect Gift. I ordered one for DD birthday, and she loved it.
    I thought our suitcases fit perfectly in the closet. Very roomy closet. We did not have a lot of clothes to hang though, just a few dresses. everything else we folded into the drawers.
    We used the bottom shelf of the wardrobe for our shoes to keep them out of the way on the floor. That worked well.
    Don't know what else to add.
    Again, we were first time cruisers and would definitely do it again. Captain Henry is quite capable, very friendly and had a sense of humor always saying he was sure we could find the island we were looking for. He did have to divert for Tropical Storm Dean, but he kept us aware of the situation and the plans.
    I commend him for taking us on a safe trip.
    Hope this helps someone, in some way getting ready or thinking about their trip.
    Now if I can just save enough to do this again next year! I think I am hooked.
    Other questions, please email me at
  2. le9397

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    Apr 29, 2000
    lgilton - Sounds like you and your daughter had a GREAT time! My friend and I are going in October and I just can't wait for it to get here. :) What did you do in St. Maarten? I've been going all though old posts the past few days trying to figure out what we're going to do in that port. I booked SNUBA at Coki Beach for St. Thomas and we're really looking forward to it.

    Thanks for posting your report!

  3. northsouth

    northsouth DIS cruiser

    Dec 1, 2000
    Where did you divert to because of the storm? Did the itinerary change at all because of it? Did you try Palo? Glad you had fun.
  4. Hootiss

    Hootiss cheese and crackers

    May 5, 2000
    Thanks for posting, sounds like you had a wonderful family vacation. Thanks for the tip on the family game shows, they sound like alot of fun. Happy belated birthday to your DD!!

    Take care, Dina:pinkbounc
  5. lgilton

    lgilton Earning My Ears

    May 21, 2001
    At ST. Maarten we went on the Golden Eagle Catamaran excursion. It is a 2 hour catamaran ride to a deserted island where you snorkel and play. It was about 90min on the beach. On the
    way back they feed you sandwiches, chips, and beer, champagne, rum punch. It is an open bar.
    The ride is very rough. It starts out very fun, but the 2 hours is long, and several people got quite sick. Apparently that is common, and the crew are very helpful, they have plastic bags, ginger ale and a calming attitude. The front of the catamaran is open air and bouncy to sit on. My dd sat up there and loved it.
    If you go, defiinitely take sea sick pills ahead of time. On the way back by the ship, they play loud disco music and make everyone dance on the front open part to show off and wave to all the people on the ship. That was fun!
    I did not get to Palo's
    Everybody have fun on your cruises!

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