Machine Embroidery Thread @ Walmart...NO


DIS Veteran
Jun 29, 2012
So I got a few spools of Embroidery Thread at Walmart that is designated for 'Machine' embroidery. The company says "coats" Machine embroidery and has 300 yards. They are approximately $3.99 a spool. Do NOT buy these.

The thread gets stuff on the plastic spool where the thread is at when it is new. You know that little cut in the plastic where the thread is? Well, when you have the thread on the machine the thread gets stuck in there and jams the machine.

I am using the thread I have but no longer will buy them at Walmart. So how am I using them? well i have the spool of thread just hanging off the machine "bouncing" on the table instead of being on the machine. It's the only way it will work, unfortunately. :(.


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