LV trip - Grand Canyon, Red Rock, Hoover Dam - first or last?

Discussion in 'Las Vegas' started by markers, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. markers

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    Jan 7, 2009

    This will be our first trip to Vegas and we're still in the early planning stages. It will most likely be the 2nd week in June, maybe the 3rd. We are debating about a shorter trip just to the strip to see the sights and go to the Cirque shows or a longer trip and drive to the Grand Canyon, Red Rock and Hoover dam.

    If we go for the longer trip would you suggest traveling to the off site locations before heading to the strip in Vegas or after. I'm leaning towards before but willing to change plans if it makes better sense the other way.

    All suggestions welcome - thanks!
  2. kailuagirl

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    Apr 16, 2009
    I've never gone to the Grand Canyon, want to really bad, but have done Hoover Dam and Red Rock out of Vegas. Red Rock was beautiful and the Hoover Dam was way cool. You could break them up, do Grand Canyon, before or after your Vegas portion, and then do Hoover Dam one day, maybe gamble, explore the stip another, then do Red Rock so you aren't driving back to back every day.
  3. pixiewings71

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    We just got back from Vegas. Had a great time. We decided not to do the Grand Canyon as it's quite the drive from Vegas and since we'd driven 10 hrs to get there....well you probably get the picture. :) We did go to Hoover Dam and it was GREAT! Super easy drive from Vegas, took us about 30-40 min tops. We drove across the dam and parked on the side of the hill in a little lot, then we walked back down the hill and across the dam. It was really neat and perfect for a quick day trip, heck it was more like a half day trip for us. LOL We decided to save Red Rock for another trip, because we know there's going to be another trip, we had that much fun. :)

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