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  1. lulubelle

    lulubelle <font color=darkorchid><marquee> I am Miss Klutz W

    Nov 8, 2000
    Me - 40 yr old mom and disney fanatic (Lulu)
    DD - 14 (Brianne)
    2 neices - 8 and 11 (Brenna and Bridgit)

    We got off the 5 freeway on Disney Way and the road just kind of "takes" you into the Pumba parking lot where you park and take a red trolley bus to the entrance a few blocks away. I think we were in the lot farthest away from the park, but as I said the road just took me in there and I should've tried to find the parking lots closer. We went on Sunday 1/28 (got there at 10 a.m.), the sun was out but it was a cool day, in the low to mid 60's. Definate sweatshirt wheather - all day! Upon entering, we noticed a band playing on Main Street and lots of excited vacationers, got our blood racing! We headed straight to Indiana Jones for FP. Our return time was 1 hr later so went to Pirates and the line was about 10 min., so rode that, went to HM, again 10 min. line, rode that. Walked thru the shops around Pirates, briefly checked out Tarzan's Treehouse (some cool stuff to see!) and then it was time to go on Indy! We waited about 10 min. in line with FP, the "stand by" line was already an hr. It was great. Did child swap with my DD as my 8 year old neice was afraid. She was actually afraid of most of the rides, so I got used to swapping with DD. It is sure nice that Disney lets you do that, otherwise I would have missed most of the rides. Well Brenna forewent the first 3 rides so I let her decide where to go next. She chose Autopia in Tomorrowland so we headed there. On the way we picked up a FP for Star Tours. Waited about 20 min for Autopia, the new cars are soooo cool :cool: and while in line they have a big TV screen with profiles of "dangerous drivers" like people who are leadfoots and talk on their cell phone all the time. Each driver receives a Autopia drivers license as well, it was a lot of fun. Then we ate lunch at Tomorrowland Terrace. I had a Terrace wrap, it was grilled chicken, avacado, lettuce, tomato and spicy jack cheese wrapped in a tortilla with an orange sliced in wedges. It was VERY good. The girls all had chicken nugget child's meals with ranch dressing and fries which they enjoyed as well. $21.00 for the 4 of us, for Disney is not bad! Then it was time for Star Tours with FP, no wait for us! Next we walked to Splash Mountain for a FP, rode the Mark Twain boat (relaxing after so much running around and eating) then paddled the canoes, which was a blast. It was so hilarious trying to all get in sync with the other passengers, most people ended up getting splashed and a few got bonked on various body parts with wild oars in the hands of kids trying their best to keep up! Our lead guy kept yelling that we weren't paddling enough, but we were all laughing so much, it was hard to be serious. Then we got some cotton candy and watched a show by the horseshoe stage about a man trying to marry off his daughter "Sallie May" who was a rather unattractive man dressed in an 1800's dress, wig and makeup. They brought up audience "voluteers" , blindfolded them and had them play a game to be picked as her groom and answer questions posed by Sallie Mae. It was hysterical! They put some adult humor in it (tame), but very amusing. Then it was time to use our SM fastpass, again, 10 min wait and the normal line was 90 min! Went to Fantasyland, most lines were VERY long - I love Peter Pan, but line was 45 min and so were most rides so we skipped it. Teacups were only about 15 min, so did those. We had checked Matterhorn a few times during the day and the line was always long, so did not go. I wonder why they don't have FP for this one, it is so popular. IASW, Rocket Rods and Space Mtn were closed. (Boo-hoo, oh well) Got one last FP for BTMR and rode Pirates again. Went to Tiki Room - I thought I'd read it was re-done but it looked the same to me as it has for 20 years... Then returned to BTMR, it was great. Decided to take the train around the entire park for a last look and headed to main street for some shopping (Why do I always say I won't buy anything and end up digging for my credit card when the clerk says "that will be $178.50 please"? as she bags my several pieces of merchandise). Bought funnel cake on the way out, sat and ate it at Carnation Cafe and listened to a very talented friendly fellow play the piano. It was really enjoyable and the crowd loved him! Traditionally, we always buy a mylar balloon last thing, they seriously last a month and it reminds us daily of our Disney fun, but they only had regular helium ones today. All in all, we did a lot of rides in 10 hours, did not see any parades or such. Drove home (wondering why I let us all basically have cotton candy and funnel cake for dinner...hummm, how to expain to my sister when I drop the girls off...decide not to tell her) My biggest word of advice is FASTPASS! It saved us 4 or 5 hrs of wait time and was convienent to use! Also-go on your favorite rides early. Sorry my trip is kinda boring but this is a typical day for us cause we visit often ;)Linda(Lulubelle)
    P.S. The new park was open and it was PACKED! 12 days for us until DCL and Polynesian
    :D :D :D
  2. Marla Hellwig

    Marla Hellwig I'm not lost, it's called creative exploring

    Mar 25, 2000
    A fun day. Wished I lived close enough to DL to drop in for a day. Thanks for posting!

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