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    Now the questions begin! I just booked the Dream for 11/27/2011. We are DVC members and are tentitively planning on spending a few days at WDW on each end of the cruise. She emailed me that it is only $1 more to transfer to the resorts as opposed to the airport. How does your luggage get transferred? Do you check it in at your resort? Does it just show up in your cabin. The only other time we cruised we did all the transfers ourselves. we had a towncar service. We are hoping all we will have to worry about is our carry ons. TIA
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    Transfers are $35 per person for each leg or $69 round trip. That's where she's getting the $1 more. Two "legs" would be $70.

    First, from MCO to WDW, you can take Magical Express. This is a free service that runs between the airport and WDW resorts. You do need to make reservations at least 3 days in advance.

    From the resort to the cruise terminal (or terminal to WDW resort), you purchase DCL transfers at $35 each way. The way it works is that the bellman will pick up your luggage from your resort room about 8 am. It will go by truck (not on the bus with you) and will show up in your cabin on the ship. On the way back, you will place your luggage outside the door of the cabin on the last night. You will claim it in the terminal, go thru Customs, and take it to the bus (there are porters to help are expected). At the resort, it will be unloaded from the bus and the bellman will take care of it for you.

    Both ways, you will be responsible for your carry on luggage.

    You didn't say how many of you there are. Your other options would be one way car rentals (about the cost of transfers for 2 people) or a towncar/limo service (about the cost of transfers for 4). are right that with DCL transfers you will have to worry about only your carry on bags.

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