Luggage Transfer from Hilton Tokyo Bay to Haneda Airport

Discussion in 'Tokyo Disneyland' started by David in Manassas, Aug 8, 2018.

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    Hello everyone -

    For an October trip, our return home to US is on a Tuesday morning. I have booked a hotel at the Haneda Airport for Monday evening. We check out of the Hilton Tokyo Bay on Monday morning. I thought i had read somewhere that you could pay a service to have your luggage picked up at the Hilton and brought to the airport for picking up later that evening. We would like to check out of the Hilton and spend a day in Tokyo before proceeding to Haneda Airport Monday evening - without our luggage.

    Has any used such a service or can point me to the source? Much appreciated!

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    The delivery services are called takuhaibin. It's great, we've used it on both our trips to Japan. The Hilton will help you fill out the form and send it off to the airport hotel. There are many companies that do it, so it will just be whichever one the Hilton works with. It doesn't really matter which. You'll want to make clear that you need it the same day.

    Here's an article with more info:
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    I am going to Tokyo Disney Resort in March and wanted to see how your experience was using a luggage delivery service from the Hilton Tokyo Bay to Haneda. I'm curious about how long it took (same day, or did you have to send your bags the day before), costs, how easy it was, just about anything you can tell me. Thanks!

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