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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by jelliott04, Jan 27, 2013.

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    Hi all.

    My daughter's class is headed to WDW for a 7th grade trip. My DH and 7 year old DD will be there as well but staying at a different resort. We are staying at BLT via DVC. My 12 year old DD will stay the first night with us as we are going up a day earlier than the class. Once the class gets there, they are staying at POR.

    I know Disney will transfer luggage between resorts but my question is how will she get her luggage? I don't think the room will be in her name.

    Do we just bring her suitcase down in the morning to the bell desk at BLT or Contemporary and tell them it is going to POR? How long does that take? IE, will she get it that evening?


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    You take your luggage down to luggage services. Tell them your transferring it to a different resort, they will tag it. Give you the bottom half of the tag receipt thingy, and that's it. Also they transfer luggage between 12pm-2pm at least that's what they told me at Pop.
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    if you're staying, you could also drop it off at POR for her at bell services and explain the situation.
    OR wait till she is checked in and drop it off.
    Weve used a taxi to bring our luggage (and us) to our next resort instead of using bell services ...just another option....

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