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    Hi guys,

    We are staying one night at AoA with Disney points (yay!) and two nights at the Fairfield with Marriott Points (yay!). Plan is take Magic Express to AoA on Fri, spend the night, then either bus or Uber to MK on Sat. Problem is, what to do with our luggage? If we are able to leave it at AoA after checkout, do we Uber back from MK to retrieve it THEN Uber to Fairfield? Seems like a hassle, though we'd save $ not renting a car. Any ideas?
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    There are lockers at MK, not that big though, may have to rent a few. I would check the luggage at AoA, ride the bus to the park, ride the bus back to AoA, then Uber/Lyft it from AoA to the Fairfield. You would be sacrificing maybe an hour of time to get back to the AoA.

    The other suggestion is for one person in your party (an early rising adult) to take an Uber from AoA in the morning with your luggage to the Fairfield and leave with their bell services for your arrival later that evening and meet the rest of the family at MK.

    We checked our bags at AoA when we had a late flight out and it is very easy and cheap, as you do want to tip the bell services cast members, but there is no charge to hold your luggage.
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    I agree with PP. Leave your luggage at the bell check at AoA and go to MK via Disney bus. Return to AoA after MK via Disney bus, pick up luggage, and Uber to the Fairfield.

    With no rental car, then you'll have to pay for an Uber to the parks from Fairfield (or hope the shuttle times are good, if they have one), the airport and anywhere else you want to go. In the end, a rental car may not cost you too much more for the convenience.
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