Low-interest credit cards


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Feb 28, 2000
Does anyone know where I could find low-interest credit cards on the internet??? Thanks for the help!!
I think there is a site called bestrate.com that can help you find low rate cards. Also, nextcard has good rates. You can get one through amazon.com and also earn $ for future purchases at amazon by using the card anywhere.
We just got the Capital One Platinum card on the internet just for our March trip. 0% until Sept. and 9.9 % fixed after that. I figure we'll have the balance paid off before Sept. and we transfered our high rate card to the 9.9 rate. The 0% is only for new purchases, not transfers.

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I currently have a Citibank card -- I think a platinum, that offers 6.9% on balance transfers until they are paid off. I also have a Chase card that offers 5.9% on balance transfers until they are paid off but there is a small transaction charge (latest offer was the standard 2%). I didn't get these on the internet, though.

Sometimes if you call your current credit card company they have offers such as this that you may be eligible for if you simply ask.

A few words about my experience with Capital One:
This was the first card I ever paid off "in full." The next month I received a statement and didn't look at it right away because I thought it just said "$0" for my balance. Well, two weeks after the due date I opened it and found that I was charged $6.90 in finance charges on my previous balance -- I immediately sent a check. The next month I received a statement saying I owed $29 for a late payment fee. I thought -- "$29 for a balance of $6.90 that was only two weeks overdue? I'm sure if I call them and explain they will remove the charge. After all, I had this card for years and always paid on time."

So I called. The CSR said she wouldn't/couldn't remove the charge because it was a "valid fee." So I informed her I had no intention of paying $29 as a fee for being two weeks late on $6.90 and to please close my account. She said she would close my account and remove the fee!

So now they not only didn't get the $29, but now they have an unhappy ex-customer telling his story to anyone who will listen. Smart business decision...


Thanks for the info, we'll watch that.

Bill From PA

I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy
american express blue has 0% for 6 months and no yearly fee. and they carry a balance. www.fatshoe.com and www.milesource.com give points when you are accepted.



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