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    Can someone tell me where on your body you're supposed to do your measurments? I started Slim in 6 3 weeks ago and weighed and measured mysellf before I started. 3 weeks later I did the same thing and lost 8 pounds and 13 inches but my clothes still fit fine. Maybe a tad looser but I would think 2inches off my waist, 3 off my hips and 2 off each thigh would get me into a size smaller. So I'm wondering if I'm measuring in the right place on my body.
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    How about this?

    I lose weight and still am the same inches.:badpc:

    Here is a video about it. Interesting, it says to measure in CM and not IN.:thumbsup2


    Oh and congrats on the LOSS! That is great.
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    I have no clue about the scientific answer of where to measure. I usually just measure the "largest" part, or a certain distance from something (like, two inches above my belly button, or four fingers above my elbow or whatnot.

    But I wanted to say CONGRATS on the weight loss! That's awesome!

    I would say perhaps the clothing size issue might be due to what size type of clothes they are? If they have a lot of stretch, you might not sense that they are looser. Ditto if they are a cling-y material. I really have no clue but my advice is to pick ONE pair of pants that you try on at different milestones/mini-goals (3 weeks, 1 month or whatever). I think Jeans or khaki-type pants work best. Preferably ones that you want to fit INTO, not ones that fit now that you want to see how loose they become.

    I lost 10 pounds in the last few months, and my current clothes are a lot looser but I have yet to fit into the next smaller size in new clothes so I feel your pain! :(

    good luck!

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