Looney's Trip - Day 5 - Dr. bills - something we didn't include in the trip budget!

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by LooneyIAm, Aug 24, 2002.

  1. LooneyIAm

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    Jun 18, 2002

    Paula - 46 - the ultimate planner of the trip
    Charlie - 50 - DH of Paula - he paid for the trip :)
    Amanda - 20 - DD - an adult except when it comes to Disney
    Joey - 16 - DS - a teenage boy - what more can I say about that

    Ok, it's Wednesday, 8/7 and I am up and ready to go! Guess where I am going? Back and forth to the bathroom again! I am not ready to break out the Immodium yet, though! I am determined I am going to let Mother Nature take it's course with no help! Someone slap me please! As soon as DD wakes up, we take a look at her bug bite and it doesn't look any smaller than it did last night, so we are off to Centra-Care. We find it with no problem (see I am getting better at this driving outside of Disney thing!), we sign in and sit and wait our turn. My stomach is really protesting that little bit of food I ate last night and I am feeling like I want to go back to the room and just crawl back in bed. Meanwhile DD says we should just go - the bug bite will get better on its own and this is no way to spend our vactation. But I am not taking any chances with this. I want someone with a degree to look at her leg (remember those words!)

    So it's finally our turn and we are led into a typical exam room. DD sits on the exam table and I take a picture of her for our vacation photo album (she just shakes her head and rolls her eyes, but hey, we were here just like we were at Magic Kingdom - should have a picture to prove it, right? So after a few minutes a man in a white coat (we will assume he is a doctor) comes in and asks her what he can do for her. She explains the problem and stands up and turns around to show him the bite, which is huge. Well, ok the bite isn't huge, the area that has turned red around it is huge (now why didn't I take a picture of that?) So the man in white takes a look and says "that's normal. no problem. some people have more soft tissue involvement in bites than others. I'll give you a prescription for some cream for itching and you will be fine." Ok, he hands her the prescription and we head out of the exam room (let me just interject here, that the words "West Nile Virus" were never uttered once and to be honest I never even thought about it until we returned to the room and my husband brought it up. Anyway, back to the medical center. We went to pay our co-pay and then we asked where the pharmacy was. How convenient, you don't even have to leave the building or break a sweat......you just walk down the hall and open the door marked "Pharmacy" and taadaa.......you are in the Pharmacy! Now don't get me wrong, this is very convenient. But, after, yes AFTER they filled the prescription, they informed me they don't accept my insurance, so they handed me a paper with all the information listed about the cream they gave DD and said I would have to get a form and submit it to my insurance company when I got home. Ok, I'm an idiot. My husband's union just settled a contract in May and our insurance has changed (not for the better of course) and I neglected to call the number on the back of our prescription card to ask which pharmacy to go to. So I figure well, ok I'll take care of it when we get home. I assumed because the women there told me I could get a form and submit it when I got home, that she knew what she was talking about. NEVER ASSUME! So I paid them the $46.00 for the cream and we were out the door.

    We are back at OKW (did I tell you how much I absolutely love this place - I want to retire here!) and we take stock of our situation. I haven't gone to the bathroom in two hours (yippee, horray, woohoo) :bounce:, Amanda has some cream that should help the itching on her bite on the back of her leg. Now she is ripping off pieces of electrical tape and putting them on her toes where her flip-flops are rubbing those bites (yes, I definitely got a picture of that). So we decide to head back to Magic Kingdom once again and try to see some attractions.

    So we are back on the MK bus and before you know it we are walking down Main Street. So far, so good! Now I am beginning to feel a little hungry. That is from the pit of my stomach up. The rest of my stomach is not sure what it's doing yet. But I need something to eat, so we stop at a restaurant on Main Street and I order some Tomato Bisque and a grilled cheese sandwich. I know, I know.........all you stomach virus experts are going to flinch at my choice........no dairy products yet, no butter, but hey, I'm starving here, give me a break :) So I eat half the soup and it is delicious. I eat most of the sandwich which is really greasy, but tasty. It hits the spot. My DH & DD share some fries & DS gets a caeser salad. We discuss our dinner plans. We had made PS for DD & I at Boma's in Animal Kingdom Lodge when we first arrived at OKW. She thinks maybe we should move them up a day since I am not feeling back to normal yet. But I am afraid something else will happen and we won't get there and that is the place she has really been looking forward to the most. Meanwhile, DH & DS are not the adventurous type, so they are going to a nice old meat and potatoes place with a wonderful buffet, Chef Mickeys. So we have the whole afternoon to enjoy Magic Kingdom and we leave the restaurant with high hopes!

    Most of the rides we pass have huge lines, so we head toward Tommorrowland. We end up at the Carousel of Progress, which all of us enjoyed in the past and the line is not bad, so we decide to go on that. The CM explains to everyone about the possibility of them retiring the ride and says he hopes we will all send in e-mails voting to keep the ride around. We agree with him - it's a great ride. So he starts the ride and we are watching the family on stage and the changes that happen throughout the different time periods. We get to the end of the show - the future - and as soon as it's finished, someone comes over the intercom and announces that there is a very bad storm outside and they are asking our cooperation in staying seated for our own safety, that we do not want to be outside, it's very bad out there. So they run the last part of the attraction again - the future. Ok, well at least we are nice & dry and warm. So it's over again and guess what, on comes a different voice but with the same message - stay right where you are, we will let you know when it is safe to leave the ride. Geez, what's going on outside? Ok, so they run the ride again, well.....not the whole ride, no........just the future. And again they sing their song about "a great big beautiful tomorrow, la la la.......". Ok, now maybe...........NO..........there's another voice and this lady isn't as nice. She says she saw some people leaving the ride area and you can tell she is really ticked off by this. She basically tells us we better not move from that ride area! And to entice us to stay, guess what they do? They play the same scene over again! You guessed it........the future.......and the"great big beautiful tomorrow" song as well. Now everyone is groaning inside the ride and I'm beginning to wonder how many times they can replay this without it being given a name......."torture"! I don't know about anyone else in that room, but if I had to hear that song one more time, I was about to stuff that whole animatromic family in the voice-activated oven once and for all! :rolleyes:

    I guess I am not the only one feeling this way, because people are starting to put on ponchos and venture out. It was still raining, but the bulk of the storm appeared to be over. There were huge puddles everywhere and I heard some official-looking guys nearby talking about "opening the drains". Ok, maybe this will work out for the best........it rains, people get scared they will melt.....they leave........we get to go on rides with no lines ;)
    So we start walking, devising a plan as we go. Which rides to head to? But first things first, DD wants to make a restroom stop. The rest of us wait outside and discuss our next move. DD comes out of the restroom and we start walking towards the Hall of Presidents - we never did get to see it the other night, so let's try again. Now all you moms out there, you will totally understand this one: you know how you can sometimes look at your child's face and you just know......something is bothering them or they don't feel well? So I took one look at DD and I knew there was something wrong and it wasn't the bug bite. So I asked if she was sick (oh please don't tell me you have my stomach virus now!!!!!). She said she thought she had a bladder infection. Ok all you ladies know how that feels! I'm convinced that this is some sort of joke on us - the problems with my son's braces, my stomach virus, DD's bug bite and now this? What the.....? Ok, we can handle this. So I asked if she wanted to go back to the room and she said no, maybe she would feel better, to just keep walking. So we headed to the Hall of Presidents but my heart was definitely not in this now. We went inside and DD found a bench and had just about the saddest look on her face. So I suggested we forget this attraction and head back to OKW. She again said no, that we were here and should go inside. I mentioned that she certainly wasn't going to enjoy it and neither were the rest of us, knowing how she felt. Why waste more time, let's go back and figure out what to do about this. Right? She agreed and we headed back to the OKW bus. Are you starting to get the impression that DH & I are just not meant to do anything in MK?

    So we get back to the room and my first thought is to call her doctor at home and ask her to just order something. I try using my cell phone, but it keeps cutting out and the receptionist can't hear me at all and just hangs up on me. Then I try using a phone card, but probably because I am getting more and more frustrated, I can't even get that to work. I call Centra-Care and ask if there is any way they would just order something since we were just there this morning and she has had bladder infections before and knows the symptoms......oh please.......don't make us come back in again! But they said they couldn't do it (and I do understand their reasoning)......this was a different illness, so she would have to return and be seen again! Well, no problem getting there, I know the road by heart :) So now it's like 3:00 in the afternoon and our reservations for Boma's are at 6:00. You can see where this is going, right? There is no way we are going to be eating there tonight. Which I don't even care at this point and I figure DD doesn't feel well anyway, so she probably doesn't care either. But she is in the mood for some quick fix meds, that will take the "pressure" she feels away and she will be ready to eat!;)

    So we sign in again at Centra Care and are told there is at least an hour wait. DD wants to go to Walgreens and buy over-the-counter pressure pills, but I am insistent we are not fooling around with this! So an hour and 15 minutes later, we are led into a different exam room (I get another picture!) and another medical man checks her out. They took a urine test and he says it doesn't show anything "significant" but there is a little bacteria there", so, "to be on the safe side, we'll order something to prevent it from developing into something bigger". (And then we could come back tomorrow, right?) Geez, I was never so happy to be handed a prescription in my life! So we head back through the pharmacy and I am given the same song and dance about submitting the bill for the prescription when I get home (I still hadn't thought about the number to call to find participating pharmacies). What the lady was really saying was "YOU WILL BE PAYING FOR THIS YOURSELF, DON'T EXPECT TO GET A PENNY BACK!" Actually that is pretty much what our prescription plan people told me when I got home and called them. I felt like the stupidest human being to walk the earth - "you didn't turn the card over and look on the back and call the 800 number there? You will get 100 lashes with a wet noodle, a very wet noodle!) Anyway, they give her the meds and $45 later we are out the door again! To top it off, even before we are in the car, DD says she is feeling better! Ok, I don't want my kid to feel sick, we just left the place! It's like when you have a toothache that magically disappears the day you go to the dentist! Well, as long as she's feeling better. But she takes the meds anyway.

    So we get back to the room and find DH sitting there staring at CNN and DS in the middle of a nice long nap. DH says he is going stir-crazy just sitting here, which kind of irritates me, since I spent an hour and a half this morning and now another 2 hours sitting in a medical care center. Like am I supposed to feel sorry for him? Forgive me, but I am tired, cranky and my stomach still doesn't feel good! At least DH had a jacuzzi he could have gone in or the pool. Or he could have taken a walk or a nap or something!

    At any rate, there is no way we are getting to Bomas for the 6:00 PS since it is now 5:45, so DD calls and moves it up to 8:00. DH & DS have a PS at Chef Mickey's for the same time. I shower, wake up DS and we all get dressed and we are out the door and on our way.

    So, let's talk about DH & DS first. They take the bus to Epcot and then plan on taking the monorail to the Contemporary. So they are walking from the bus to the Monorail station and DH is looking up and around, admiring the trees or something. As he's doing this, he walks full-force, directly into a pole in front of him! So from what DS tells us later, the bottom half of DH's body stops dead and the top half just keeps going! But there is nowhere to go, so he kind of just pitches forward, like laying over the pole. He later said it felt like he got punched really hard in the stomach! So DS just stares at him and wonders if he's on some kind of drugs (just kidding) since he just WALKED RIGHT INTO THE POLE AND IT'S NOT LIKE IT WAS DARK OR ANYTHING. DH straightens up and once DS determines he is not in danger of immediate death, he starts laughing hysterically. He looks back and notices down the sidewalk behind them a bus driver watching the whole thing. Apparently the bus driver was puzzled as to why DH stopped and pitched forward suddenly like that and maybe thought DH was throwing up or something. But when DH stepped aside and the pole could be seen, I guess the bus driver burst out laughing as well. (Come on, you know you want to laugh as you are reading this - go ahead). So DH was ok and we were just glad that pole wasn't any shorter or he might had some real damage done! :eek: So they continue on to Chef Mickeys and I guess DH had no permanent damage because he said he got more than his share of food off the buffet there and he even grabbed Mickey for a picture. DS wanted to go back and take a picture of the pole for our photo album but we never got there :p

    Meanwhile, DD & I arrived at Bomas and she was in Heaven! I probably mentioned on one of my earlier reports, she is a vegetarian and there was just too many choices for her there! She just enjoyed herself so much. And all those desserts! The waitress challenged us to try a taste of all 19! I tasted a spoonful of a couple of different things, but that was all I could handle with my upset stomach. I did order a nice pot of tea and it was delicious. That really hit the spot! I checked out all the stuff on the buffet at Bomas and we are definitely going back there when we return to Disney. It is at the top of our list.

    We walked around AKL a little, did some souvenier shopping and headed back to OKW. DH & DS came in shortly after and we enjoyed relating our experiences (especially the pole story) - that has become a family favorite!

    I apologize for the length of this, but this was a very LONG day!
  2. Magic2000

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    May 1, 2000
    So sorry to hear about your two trips to the "Dr Office". Its so hard to be sick on vacation - especially when its one of your children!

    A few years ago, we were staying at Port Orleans and I just knew that something just wasn't right with my 15 month old. She would wake up several times during the night coughing, actually it sounded like she was choking - it was so scary! We called the front desk and they had a doctor come to the hotel. I also learned that insurance companies do not pay for doctor visits at the hotel! But again, it was worth it cause the medicine helped her feel better by the next day!
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  4. pumba


    Dec 28, 1999
    you are saying about the walk in care center and the meds and the pharmacy...never can tell when we will need it either.......
  5. kimang

    kimang <font color=red>I don't know about you, but the on

    May 29, 2002
    okay, okay now i have tears running down my eyes... just imagining your DH with that pole....

    ...great posts!....:teeth:

  6. ShannonP

    ShannonP Mouseketeer

    Nov 22, 2000
    Okay, Okay, I confess, I was laughing hysterically about your husband vs. the pole...and then I paused and wondered...oh, no, is this another trip to the doctor...please don't let it be so...they deserve a little peace...hope tomorrow is better.
  7. Tartan Tigger

    Tartan Tigger <font color=purple>I fixed my PC MYSELF!!!!!!!!<br

    Oct 30, 2000
    I feel like I was right there with you today. On my recent trip to WDW I spent 2 1/2 hours in Center Care with my sister who had an infected spider bite. Her medical bill was $201, $119 of this was to say that the bite was infected:rolleyes: we knew this because it isn't natural for your foot to swell to double its normal size and turn purple. When we returned home she had to go to her own doctor as she had got more bites on her other foot 2 days before we left WDW, this appointment cost £12.

    Sorry you had such a bad day, hope it gets better from here.
  8. RUDisney

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    Apr 8, 2002
    Speaking of hospitals while you're away, my newly adopted son wound up being admitted to the American Medical Center in Moscow, Russia, for 4 days last October with a staph infection in his nose. I was very proud that I knew enough Russian to read the map to find the pharmacy and then to ask the woman for the drug that is like our benadryl. I thought he had an allergy or that a bug had bitten him on the train into Moscow. That night, I knew that he was sick because he wimpered through the first half of the Moscow Circus and when he sat on my lap he was burning up.

    At the hospital, they told me he needed IV antibiotics and that they wouldn't take my insurance. I had purposely called Blue Cross to find out where to go if we needed help before we left and was told this hospital. They wanted my credit card. So, $4,400 poorer, we took our DS "home" to the hotel from the hospital. They told me that if I waited 12-24 hours longer he probably would have died because the staph could have broken loose and went to his brain.

    When we got home, after disputing that he was in a private room (I didn't see any that weren't) the insurance sent me a check for $1,800. Bless their hearts.

    Glad your DD is on her way to recovery. I really feel for you having to spend so much time in a "Doc in a Box."
  9. LooneyIAm

    LooneyIAm Earning My Ears

    Jun 18, 2002
    Magic2000-Thank goodness the doctor gave your baby something that helped with the coughing! It think everything is even worse when they are so little. It's nice to have the convenience of having a doctor come to the hotel room, but insurance doesn't seem to care about the situation you are in when you are far from home, do they?

    Wow Tartan Tigger - that must have scared the heck out of you - your sister's foot swelling up & turning color like that! I'm glad she got everything taken care of by her own doctor when she got home!

    RUDisney - Oh my gosh - now that story makes all mine seem like a joke! You must have been petrified! Thank goodness you took care of the situation and didn't wait any longer to have you son seen! What a nightmare! What's with Blue Cross? It sounds like you did everything you were supposed to and they still tried to worm out of paying. At least I was the one at fault in my case - I actually forgot to call first. But they told you where to go! And let's suppose they had a choice of a room - you're in a foreign country and your child is very ill - I'm sure the first thing you are thinking is what type of room they put him in!!!!!!! And then they wonder whey people have no faith in the medical insurance in our country?

    Thanks for all the responses -
  10. Carrieberry

    Carrieberry <font color=9999CC>Has to post on the right thread

    Nov 30, 1999
    AAAH!! I'm sorry but that whole thing with your DH and the pole! I'm laughing so hard! Mostly becuase when I was in high school I was walking down the street with a bunch of friends (you know, it was one of those "cruising blvds" ) and I was looking at something and walked head on into a No Parking sign pole. My eyebrow bone swelled up to three times it's normal size, one of my friends had to drive home, and people called me Herman Munster for a week!
  11. Krissalee

    Krissalee DIS Veteran

    Feb 3, 2001
    What a trip! :rolleyes:

    Thanks for sharing the good :) and the bad:( with us!

    :earsgirl: Krissy
  12. kathymc

    kathymc <font color=indigo><font color=teal>Dances in the

    Oct 4, 1999
    oh no! not another illness (and I also thought your DH was going to end up at the Docs.)
    I hope you all start feeling better.

    Isn't Boma wonderful - I loved their soups! and the dessert bar - worth the price alone!
  13. vald1977

    vald1977 <font color=green>I keep thinking that if I keep s

    Mar 20, 2002
    :p You had me cracking up when you got stuck in COP and weren't allowed to leave! It's like the Twilight Zone... you are allowed in but never allowed out, doomed to listen to that song over and over :D ! Hope your husband recovered from his run-in with that pole.
  14. nativetxn

    nativetxn <font color=teal>Moderator<br><font color=red>Hono

    Feb 15, 2000
    Oh my goodness! <b>Another</b> doctor visit?

    You are right, I laughed about the pole incident. I couldn't help myself, you told it in such an entertaining fasion.

    You also made me laugh with your CofP story. You have a great sense of humor.

    Thanks for posting this I had a lot of fun reading it.

  15. yepod

    yepod DIS Veteran

    Aug 18, 2001
    It was worth the length!

    First, I was starting to get really depressed about this trip (like you weren't LOL) & then when you told about DH & the pole:D :D It picked me up................hope it worked for you guys as well!

    Also liked your COP experience...........would it have been worse if they just kept spinning you thru the whole ride:confused: :) :confused: ;)

    Thanks again for another great report!
  16. Deb8821

    Deb8821 Disney Fan

    Jul 18, 2001
    Thanks for a great report. I too have had to call a doctor to our room at CBR - ear infection - I was thankful it was fixed and $300.00 broker! (I also learned Insurance didn't cover dr visit - but hey I got $22.00 back for the perscription!) Next trip the same son ended up at the Care center with a rash. I told them I was paying cash (even though I had insurance) we got in in 20 minutes. Another couple was still in the waiting room when we left sorting out their insurance info) I thought we were jinxed the last couple trips! Sorry about the husband and the pole but I laughed so hard - heck I'm laughing now just thinking of it!!
  17. wdwnutze

    wdwnutze <font color=blue>Remembers "Gee Your Hair Smells T

    Mar 20, 2001
    Enjoyed reading your report. Felt really bad that you had son many illnesses. I have to admit I was laughing really hard at the pole story! My dd just asked me what was so funny because I am in a room by myself laughing out loud.
  18. Pigsty333

    Pigsty333 I get censored all the time

    Jan 3, 2001
    :smooth: We went to Dixie Landings in 1994 and decided one nice afternoon, that we would go to the big pool area and play on the water slide. I don't swim, so I just relaxed and let hubby go in with 20 yr. dd, 4 yr, old dd, and 2 yr. old ds. They all were doing fine and coming down the water slide, when my husband decided to ham it up for the kids and kick his right foot up near the slide.

    I turned around and looked at my husband making a fool of himself, as he always does, an noticed that he was waving frantically at me. Thinking that he wanted me to go in the pool, so that he could attempt to drown me, I kept ignoring him. Hekept waving but was not moving around too much. I then saw him make faces and I said, "Oh, he's back to being normal again. Always the center of attention and the big clown, letting everyone know he is a NEW YORKER." Again, I ignored him and went back to my book. I happened to look up again, after noticing some movement out of my right eye, and observed my husband being carried out of the pool by the lifeguards. I thought he was just acting up and had gotten them to go along with his ploy. I finally decided to walk over and what did I find out, "My husband had broken his foot." Don't ask how, 'He says that when he came down the slide, whooping it up for the kids, it struck the side of the pool. His foot was all swollen and nasty looking.

    The kids were upset because now the water fun was over and we had to go somewhere. First aid was called and they responded very quickly. They put my hubby on a stretcher, soaking wet and told us that they were taking him to the first aid station. My husband told me to meet him there, after I got the kids dressed.

    On top of everything, we had reservations for the Poly Luau at 5:45 and now it was almost 4:00PM. My husband called me and told me that since he had no money, credit cards or cash, he could not be treated and they were transporting him to Sands Lake Regional. He told me to go on with the kids and he would try to meet us for the dinner show.

    Now we are in a mad dash to get there, but CMs came through. They had a van come and pick us up in the parking lot of the hotel, take us to the Poly, advised them of what had happened and put us up at a table up front, in case my husband came, he had plenty of room for his leg. He never made it back, as it took forever for xrays and cast. The manager of the Poly approached us and told us that they would be reimbursing us for the price of my husbands dinner.

    We got back to the room and there was hubby, laid up in bed, his leg in a cast and propped up by pillows, with a wheelchair next to him.

    He then proceeded to tell me that the hospital, at first, had threatened not to treat him because they wouldn't accept any of our insurance and they wanted only cash, credit cards or traveler's cheques. My husband, none the one too kind with his words when he is not feeling too good, told them that, "Well, if you can get in my soaking wet bathing suit, and find something other than the family jewels, go ahead." "I am soaking wet, pulled from a pool and brought here barely dressed and no wallet, money, credit card, etc." After a few arguments he was treated and eventually the hospital got paid, after we got home, via our insurance, after some calls and letters.

    It is a vacation we will never forget. He is a klutz, and things always happen when we go on vacation.

    We will be staying at AKL 2/14-23/03. Lets see what other adventures he has.
  19. LooneyIAm

    LooneyIAm Earning My Ears

    Jun 18, 2002
    pigsty - ohmygosh what a story! Your poor DH! What a riot when he told off the people at the hospital - maybe they thought he swallowed the money or something to hide it :) Really - I mean come on - he's laying there with nothing on but a bathing suit - wonder what would have happened if he couldn't speak for himself - would they have shoved him, stretcher and all in a linen closet? I'm glad you got to enjoy the poly (even though I'm sure you missed him) - maybe you need to put a little leash on him this time when you go (you know like we moms have to do with out other little one's when they run off and get into mischief?:p :Pinkbounc

    Thanks for sharing - it seems no matter what story someone tells, someone else has something better!

  20. hoosll

    hoosll DIS Veteran

    Aug 23, 2000
    It is so easy to get dehydrated at WDW and that is the first ingredient for a bladder infection. At the first twinge I start drinking cranberry juice - one night the only place open was the bar at WL and the guy filled my glass with cranberry syrup. It worked great.

    I now carry a can of concentrate with me then fix and drink a glass twice a day!
  21. LooneyIAm

    LooneyIAm Earning My Ears

    Jun 18, 2002
    I'm going to try to remember that! I know when we got the medicine at the drugstore, my DD asked if we could stop at a nearby grocery store and that's what she headed for - cranberry juice! Next time it'll be on my grocery list when we get there :)


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