Looney's Trip Day 3 - I made a vacation memory in Epcot I WILL NEVER FORGET!

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by LooneyIAm, Aug 24, 2002.

  1. LooneyIAm

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    Jun 18, 2002

    Paula - 46 - ultimate planner of this trip
    Charlie - 50 - DH of Paula - he paid for the trip :)
    Amanda - 20 - DD - an adult except when it comes to Disney
    Joey - 16 - a teenage boy - what more can I say about that

    Our Villa in OKW had a king-sized bed in the bedroom and a queen-sized sleeper sofa. DD & I decided to take turns with DH & DS. DD & I had slept in the bedroom the previous night and I woke up and wondered why we never got our wake-up call. I wandered out into the living room and found DH having a cup of coffee. He had already showered and dressed. I mentioned the wake-up call that had never come and my DH said actually the phone did ring in the living room, DS had picked it up, listened for a minute, then rolled over and went back to sleep! DH got up, took a shower, didn't hear DD or I get up and thought we had decided to sleep in. So he didn't bother to wake us. I called the main desk and asked them to ring our room again and when they did, we realized the phone in the bedroom was not ringing, which is why we didn't hear it :) They were supposed to send someone to fix it, but I'm not sure if they ever did.

    So we are running a little late, but no one cares. We are headed to Epcot and we usually take our time there anyway. We arrived there about 9:15 and headed directly to Test Track. The fastpass time was 10:30 to 11:30. We got our fastpasses and started walking towards Universe of Energy.

    Ok, so when I woke up I didn't feel bad at all, but the longer I was awake, the more sick to my stomach I began to feel. It would alternate between a sharp pain jumping across my stomach and then that would go away and the queasiness would step in. It wasn't bad enough that I actually thought I was sick, I just figured maybe something I had eaten the day before hadn't agreed with me and I would certainly feel better as the day went on.

    We did the Universe of Energy without any waiting and then went to the Wonders of Life. I started feeling worse and I now began to feel extremely tired as well. I thought maybe the long trip down from Pa. was catching up with me. We went into Body Wars and then Cranium Command. We finished up there and went back to Test Track. I was pretty sure at this point I didn't want to go on any ride that was going to shake me around, so I gave my fastpass to a family with a young son and I waited on a bench for my DH, DD & DS to do Test Track. It was now 11:15 and there was a 75 minute wait to get on the ride and the fastpass time was up to 4:15 - 5:15 p.m.! When my family came off the ride, we headed over to Imagination and that is when I really began to be queasy! I got off the ride and said that I really needed to go back to the room, but that the three of them should stay and have fun. DH said he would come back with me and DD & DS said they only wanted to go on Spaceship Earth and then they were finished at Future World, so they would come back to the room right after.

    As we headed out of the park, my DH & I were approached by a very nice young woman who asked us if we would mind answering some survey questions. She asked a lot of questions pertaining to park cleanliness, CM friendliness, ride satisfaction, opinions on bag search and the most interesting one, I thought, "whether we had made a lasting vacation memory yet today?" Well, I hadn't made a memory yet, but I was about to! As she continued to talk, I was feeling worse and worse and I finally just asked where the nearest restroom was. She pointed them out to me.....just outside the gates and to the right. I left my DH to answer her remaining questions and headed for the restroom. I am not a big fan of public restrooms but I will tell you, nothing ever looked so good to me that day as that bathroom did ;) Without going into all the gorey disgusting details, let's suffice it to say I ended up with a lovely stomach virus. When I finally came back outside, my DH was waiting on a bench and he asked me how I felt. I said I no longer felt sick to my stomach - in fact I had just thrown up 3 times - now I just felt SICK!

    So we headed for an OKW bus and were lucky enough to get one all to ourselves. We had a very friendly bus driver who realizing I was sick, did not stop at any of the other OKW stops first, but took me directly to mine. We had an interesting conversation with her on the way to OKW and she told us what a wonderful employer Disney is to work for and how if she has her choice, she will never work for any other company. And I think that says a lot for Disney!

    So back in the room, I got in bed, put the covers over me and didn't hear another thing for a couple of hours. In that time, my kids came back to the room, changed, went swimming and returned & showered. When I woke up and went out to "join the living", they were discussing dinner options and thought they should just order a pizza to be delivered rather than attempt to go anywhere with me. Of course I had no intention of eating any of it! So Pizza Hut came in record time and I watched them eat this heavenly-smelling, cheesy, stuffed crust pizza :( I felt a little better at this point and we decided to go to Magic Kingdom since we hadn't been there yet.

    So we headed out to Magic Kingdom. I still felt really wiped out and a little queasy, but I had no intention of spending any more time lying around. It was extremely crowded in Magic Kingdom and all the rides had very long waits. We decided to go into the Hall of Presidents, since we figured that would probably be easy to get into. When we arrived we went directly inside, it was 15 minutes to show time. I sat on the floor since there were no benches available and just when everyone started lining up to go into the show, I stood up and that good old "queasiness" came back with a vengance. I told the three of them I had to go outside and find a bench, but they should just stay and enjoy the show. I left and found a bench right outside. Within a minute DH came out and sat down (he's so devoted to me, isn't he?) and said he would stay with me. I protested but he would not go back into the show. 30 seconds later out come my two kids who ask if I am ok and when I insist they go back inside, they argue they don't really care if they see the show or not, they can always do it another day. So DH suggests he & I go back to the room so I can rest some more. I am upset now.......I feel I am messing up everyone else's fun. DH says he could care less, he would be just as happy to spend time relaxing with me watching a movie in our room! But I want DD & DS to go do something fun, so they decide to take a bus to the Boardwalk and spend some time there. They heard there was a lot to do there.

    So shortly after that DH & I are back in the room. I put my jammies on and he pulls out the sleeper sofa and I take another nap. He watches a little tv and reads a newspaper and I wake up to hear the door opening and my kids are back. They actually only spent 1/2 hour at the Boardwalk. They said there were a couple of clubs there that they couldn't get into because they were under 21 and they stopped in a candy store and I believe a bake shop, looked around a little more and then decided to head back to the room. The best part was it took an hour to get there because of switching buses and an hour to get back and they were only there 1/2 hour!

    Oh by the way, DS found some way to bend or clip off the end of that wire that was torturing him, so at least that was taken care of for now!

    We were all tired out from the long day and decided to call it a night. So DD & I took the sleeper-sofa and DH & DS took the king bed and it was light's out! I knew that with a good night's sleep I would be 100% better in the morning and we would all ready for a great day of fun!
  2. pumba


    Dec 28, 1999
    eating....you have a good family to want to be with you ....I am glad that the braces took care of itself too...thanks for your report
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  4. Krissalee

    Krissalee DIS Veteran

    Feb 3, 2001
    How horrible to be sick on vacation! I hope tomorrow is a better day! You sure do have a wonderful, supportive, devoted family.

    :earsgirl: Krissy
  5. momofdbsdc

    momofdbsdc momofdbsdca

    Aug 10, 2002
    I hope that you are beginning to feel better!

  6. BCVOwner2002

    BCVOwner2002 <font color=red>I do math problems in my sleep - i

    Jul 7, 2002
    Sorry to hear your weren't feeling well. Hope you are feeling better.

    We were at WDW in 1998 and DS had the same thing so I understand what you were going through.

    Some pixie dust to make you feel better!!!:D
  7. ShannonP

    ShannonP Mouseketeer

    Nov 22, 2000
    OH, Looney, I'm so-o-o-o sorry to hear that you were sick on your vacation. I'm alwasy so afraid that will happen.

    I had been sick with a bad bronchial and sinus infection in the weeks prior to our trip (actually went and got a shot the day we left) and was suffering with totally blocked up ears, coughing, etc. during the trip, but that's nothing compared to nausea. I can't even function when I'm queasy. Hope your trip gets better.
  8. Liz

    Liz Make a miracle!

    Aug 18, 1999
    I'm sorry you got sick! We had a vacation like that once where my DD was sick the whole time. I didn't care for myself but I was so sad that she wasn't able to enjoy herself. That's nice that your family was so kind and supportive.
  9. kathymc

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    Oct 4, 1999
    how awful to be so sick on your trip. DH got sick on our last trip and spent the last two days in the hotel room! I felt so bad leaving him there but he made me go (we were with family) do stuff.
    hope you and your trip gets better!
  10. vald1977

    vald1977 <font color=green>I keep thinking that if I keep s

    Mar 20, 2002
    Sorry to hear how sick you felt. It's so nice that your family is taking care of you, though. Hope you get better in time to enjoy the parks when you aren't queasy :) !
  11. nativetxn

    nativetxn <font color=teal>Moderator<br><font color=red>Hono

    Feb 15, 2000
    Oh no! Sick at WDW :(

    Sorry you felt so badly, at least your kids are old enough that you could allow them to explore a little on their own.

    I know you were disappointed though.

  12. yepod

    yepod DIS Veteran

    Aug 18, 2001
    Sorry to hear you were sick:(

    Hope you felt better!

    Thanks again for the post!

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