Looney's Trip - Day 1 - some things never change!

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by LooneyIAm, Aug 22, 2002.

  1. LooneyIAm

    LooneyIAm Earning My Ears

    Jun 18, 2002
    Paula - 46 - ultimate planner of this trip
    Charlie - 50 - DH of Paula - he paid for the trip :)
    Amanda - 20 - DD - an adult except when it comes to Disney
    Joey - 16 - a teenage boy - what more can I say about that

    We arrived at OKW Hospitality House at 1:30 pm on Sat. Aug. 3rd. We were assisted by a wonderful CM who handed me lots of literature and the most important thing - THE ROOM KEY! I couldn't believe they were going to let us in early! So we drove the mile or so down the road to building 4423 and when I opened that door, I fell in love! The place was huge! It was like an apartment!

    We hurried and unpacked and grabbed the next bus to Animal Kingdom, figuring it was not too hot out, in fact it was drizzling a little, which helped to cool things off, and since AK doesn't require a full day (at least not for us), this was something we would be able to complete today. We were at AK in about 20 minutes and the first thing we noticed as we entered the park were all the people who were leaving! I was beginning to wonder if I had made a mistake and closing time was at 4 instead of 6, but I asked a CM and they said no, the rain always chases people away! Oh well, our good fortune I guess :) So we went into "it's tough to be a bug", went on the safari ride, walked around a little, watched the parade, hit a few other attractions and then we started feeling really hungry. So my kids went on Primeval Whirl and then we headed back to the room. Here's where things go downhill.

    I had mentioned that I knew there were some nice grocery stores right outside of Disney (I learned this from some of the helpful people on the DIS), such as Publix and Goodings. So we decided to venture off-property just for tonight, get our groceries and eat outside as well. We would then park the car and not move it! So my DH said I should drive, thinking that I knew EXACTLY where I was going.

    We headed out and as I'm driving I notice a sign: I-4 to Tampa and then another saying I-4 to Orlando. So I'm thinking I shoud go to Orlando, but I'm really looking for something saying International Drive. So I look at DH and ask him which way I should go. He looks at me and just says "How should I know? I thought you knew where you were going!" Well some of you old-marrieds out there might be familiar with how this develops.....I end up going the "wrong way" of course, and he ends up getting mad, I end up getting madder. Eventually we find International Drive and I figure, ok everything is ok now. I AM WRONG!

    My plan is to drive up International Drive one way, checking out all the restaurants on that side, then turn around and drive down the other side for a while and then decide which restaurant looks the most interesting. Is this my DH's plan? NOOOOO. We start driving and he turns to the kids and says "start looking for a restaurant to eat at". About 3 minutes later he asks if they have decided yet! So I mention that if we decide too quickly, we are liable to miss something wonderful on the other side and we will always be so sorry we didn't get to eat there :) So he mumbles something and doesn't say anything else. I turn and start going down the other side of International Drive and a few minutes later hubby's had just about enough of this restaurant-shopping and says "just pick a place!" Now I'm getting upset again - I just know there is a perfect place just up ahead and we are going to miss it! So my kids at this point are willing to eat anywhere, even at the "we serve poop" diner if it will put us in a better frame of mind! So they hurriedly suggest Perkins which is a few feet away. Now I have nothing against Perkins, but there is one a mile from me at home and I didn't drive 18 hours to eat at the same restaurant I can eat in any day! But that is where we ate and it was....well let's just say "a quiet dinner" if you get my drift!

    So the next thing to do is groceries. DH drives to the Publix that is just up the road and I go inside and am immediately aware of the fact that there are about 1000 other shoppers here! Doesn't anyone have anything better to do in Orlando on a Saturday night? Or are these all tourists like me who just arrived? In any event, after getting all the necessary supplies and picking which line of 10 people to stand behind, I am finally back in the van an hour later and we are headed back to OKW! We put our stuff away and take some time to look around at how beautiful our room is.

    It's not exactly what I would have considered the perfect start to a vacation. I think when you are planning a vacation, you picture all these happy people who are in a good mood every minute and then reality sets in when you get there and you realize you have brought the same people you live with along and some things never change no matter where you are :) !

    My DD, DS & I go for a swim at the Turtle Pond Pool (DH wanted to try out the jacuzzi in the room) and we are all in a better mood and looking forward to a fresh start in the morning!
  2. yepod

    yepod DIS Veteran

    Aug 18, 2001
    Keep your chin up LIA:) It's gotta get better!

    Thanks for posting!
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  4. SamanthaL

    SamanthaL <font color=purple>I got the cute kids AND <font c

    Aug 14, 2001
    Are you sure you aren't a member of MY family?!:confused: After 9 years of marriage and 15 together, I know EXACTLY how things would progress. My DH gets fit to be tied if he is hungry and if you don't get food NOW he turns into a bear!:rolleyes:
    I'm sure the next installment will be about 4 Disney happy people.
  5. Annie&Hallie'sMom

    Annie&Hallie'sMom <font color=deeppink>Things turn out best for peop

    Oct 26, 2001
    Now that the shopping is done and you're "settled" I hope you had a better time!
  6. Krissalee

    Krissalee DIS Veteran

    Feb 3, 2001
    Travel/arrival days are always stressful - there is so much anticipation, yet everyone is tired and cranky. I'm sure the rest of the trip will be wonderful!

    :earsgirl: Krissy
  7. vald1977

    vald1977 <font color=green>I keep thinking that if I keep s

    Mar 20, 2002
    In our family, I am the one who turns a litttle cranky when I am hungry ;) ! Dh has learned to feed me, or else! I really love I-drive -- there is so much to see and do there. Next trip, we are going to try the Race Rock restaurant. I am off to read day 2 :D !
  8. nativetxn

    nativetxn <font color=teal>Moderator<br><font color=red>Hono

    Feb 15, 2000
    I stayed in a one bedroom at OKW in February and just fell in love with that place, it is absolutely gorgeous.

    I'm sorry to LOL at your little driving adventure but you painted the picture with so much humor that I couldn't help myself :)

    Thanks for posting this, I enjoyed reading about your day.


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