Looking to share Disney VIP tour with another family 2.9.13

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by rmorgens, Nov 27, 2012.

  1. rmorgens

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    Nov 27, 2012
    My wife and four year old will be visiting WDW the day before our Disney cruise 2.9.13. We plan to use the Disney VIP tour service (not an outside firm, Disney product) as we did last year when the rest of our family attended. We are looking for another family to split the expense 275/hr.

    if you google Disney VIP Tour Guide Services. you can get the details on the tour. below is the "cliffs notes" version of our experience.."

    With the VIP tour, you are picked up at the hotel, you dont wait on line to get into the park, you dont wait on line for any attraction (no fast pass, you just go to the front of the line), for shows, you are brought in before everyone else so you can choose any seat you want... for transportation to/beween parks, the tour guide drives you into the back of the park closest to the next attraction you want to see/ride. For us, the highlight was the special viewing area for the disney parade; roped off on the bridge next to the castle, EVERY character on the parade comes over to entertain your child...Last year We did the equivalent of three days at the park(s) in one day with this service.
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    We have done a couple of VIP tours and will be there at the same time, but not sure your touring style will be the same as ours as you have a four year old.....we usually do 4 parks on our VIP days, we do the 300 parade at MK, but don't do shows only the big rides at all the parks. What kind of touring were you thinking of doing?

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