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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by buzlite, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. buzlite

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    Aug 2, 2010
    hi I'm in the process of decided if we should or shouldn't buy a dvc resale. One thing I can't find information on is how much should I aim to pay for animal kingdom per point and also if I plan to buy at akl would it be smarter to buy at ssr because akl is usually open in may/post presidents september, jan. Also what is a good price per point at ssr.
    As a last point could someone please look at opening at jambo house and see if their are any openings for a week in september. If not at kidani please. Thanks
  2. Missyrose

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    Jan 18, 2009
    Here is the thread where people post the prices that have passed ROFR.

    As far as availability goes, it's against Dis policy to give out that information. Plus the availability changes from minute to minute, so what's available right now may not be there 10 minutes from now.

    If you're just starting the process of buying resale, it will take up to three months from contracts to points being loaded. Leaving you about two months out from a September trip. September is a slow month, but you may have to look at SSR and OKW for reservations for that one trip. There will still be an outside shot of AKV being available, though.
  3. chalee94

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    Aug 14, 2006
    if you are looking at booking a club level or value villa at AKV, you should own there and book at 11 months out.

    if you just want to book there in a savanna view room at 6-7 months out, owning at SSR will typically get the job done. (i'd still book at SSR just to be safe, though)
  4. lovin'fl

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    Jun 7, 2011
    AKV and SSR are equally easy to get for short(er) notice trips as they are both large resorts (unlike BCV). AKV will allow you to book value villas, though, and that takes less points than booking at SSR. We just added on AKV for this reason (to book value or standard view and save points)...and because we love AKL. We bought via resale and paid $66/point for 100 points (I've seen folks pay a little less and a little more...so $61-69-ish). It took 2 months to go through the process and close and book a vacation at AKV (for this Xmas). Happy DVC contract hunting!

    I agree with PP, for concierge level or value villas you need to own at AKV and book well before the 7 month window opens to all other resort owners.
  5. Disneylvr4

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    Sep 2, 2011
    We bought at AKL and also considered SSR. We actually almost bought SSR direct from Disney, but left it alone not knowing if we were ready, and 2 years later went with a resale and AKL instead.

    I have always heard 'buy where you'd want to stay most'. For us, it was more important for us to stay at AKL vs anywhere else - at this point anyway. It's all about preference. Money plays a factor too of course, but as previous people have said, there are a few advantages to buying AKL, value accomodations at 11 months out being a good one. We liked the kids pool area and the extra bathroom in the accomodations at Kidani, those were pros for us. We also like the theme of AKL and knew the kids would enjoy seeing the animals right there at the resort.

    My advice is to look into each and write out a pro and con list. There will always be good things about certain spots, like SSR being close to Downtown Disney, we liked that...but liked the pool areas in AKL better! Weight it all out, then decide...you'll be happy you did! :)

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