Looking for those neon tube lights . . .


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Dec 12, 2000
Following the advice of a post I saw here a while back, I wanted to pick up some of those little light tubes that you crack up and then they glow for our upcoming trip (what do you call those anyway?). Where would I look for those -- I checked Target but no luck. Any ideas?
Thanks -- but we leave Sat, so I won't have time to order these. Does anyone know of a place to buy them in a store?

I remember someone posting a while back that they found the neon glow necklaces at their local dollar store (perhaps Dollar Tree). You could also check at a Spencer's store or possibly a costume shop.

I got them for ds stockings this christmas at dollar tree , and in the past I have got them at toys r us . Have a great trip

Just saw them today at my Target they were in the aisle with the birthday party favors. Also have seen them at ToysRUs with party favors and Meijers (if you are in the midwest). Good luck and have a fun trip!;)
Hi! I buy these for my kids all the time... they have them at wallmart in the section where they sell party invitations and the "goodies" for the goody bags for a birthday party. look through all the ballons, bubbles, squirtguns, etc. they will be there, they also sell them at Home Depot. i usually get them at the register. hope this helps!
We call them light sticks or glo sticks. And we have found then at our local party store & in the camping section of either Walmart or KMart.
Good Luck!! :)
Just went today & found some at Target in the party section. We are leaving tomorrow.


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