Looking for recommendation Cindy's Gala Feast or Royal Table?

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Disney1fan2002, Jul 25, 2003.

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    Jun 21, 2002
    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone here has done Cinderella's Gala Feast Dinner at the GF? We are one of the lucky few who actually managed PS reservations for the Royal Table breakfast last year. I don't know if I want to go through the stress of trying to get the ressie's again for this year. A few weeks ago, I called to see if there were any last minute CRT cancellations for a friend who was going down that week. There were none, but that is when the CM told me about Cindy's dinner. it was new. I was able to get them a reservation there. I am thinking I will just reserve that. It seems easier than the stress of calling every STINKIN day only to be told at 7:01 that there is no availability for the date that you want. Half the gray hair on my head came last August when I was calling for CRT.

    Any feedback? Especially if you have been to both.
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    I agree about the gray hair (not to mention my phone bill!)

    We were able to attend both of these meals this past April (along with the EPCOT PSB).

    The Cinderella's Gala Feast (dinner) had excellent food. We were seated in a very undesirable table (right by the service door) next to a family with 2 kids who were jumping on the booth seat (shared) and throwing food. Cinderella was having an off night (the adults were disappionted in her - the picture shows aomeone faking a smile). All of the other characters were fabulous. The mice and prince made my DD-7 evening. The Fairy God Mother was priceless (and she remembered us the next moring at CRT). With the exception of Cindy, the characters were not rushed, interacted with everyone at the table, and posed for multiple pictures. My DD often prefers the "adult" food so she enjoyed the buffet where she was welcome to pick from both the adults and kids.

    The CRT breakfast was next morning. We had an early PS time (it took 10 days of phone calls to get the seating on our last day) so walking down Main Street USA with so few people was a very memoriable experience. The setting in the Castle was wonderful. The waiter was not my type of person - he didn't seem to like that I shared my cream cheese French Toast with DD and then asked for more - tha server at a nearby table was bring the cream chesse french toast to kids on request so I figured that it was okay. The characters were very good but on a definate schedule - 1 picture, a few words, move on.

    After talking to my DD-7 about our upcoming April 2004 trip - we are planning to try of all three again. However she said that if we couldn't get the CRT it wasn't that important as long as we could do both the dinner and PSB. That being said I am planning on trying for the 2 possible mornings it fits into the plan but not obsessing over it nor rearranging a schedule to fit a day I managed to get.
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    Don't forget about PSB (in EPCOT's Norway-Restaurant Akershus)if there are princess lovers in your family/party. (The food is ok (about the same level as CRTs)-but of course that's not the reason we go).

    Although I had no problem getting through this past month to get PS at CRT's (got thru 2 mornings in a row)-it may depend on when you're going too.

    PSB is a little easier to get into plus they don't "bill" your credit card (unless you don't cancel and don't show up). You can also call 120 days in advance. I called 118 days in advance for our November trip and had no problem getting the time I wanted.
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    We have been lucky enough to try all three of these several times (excpet for The Gala Feast only once). I have to say that all were wonderful and any one of them would be nice. The stress of calling for the castle and then not getting it can certainly dampen a trip. The Gala Feast was nice for us in that it can be done on an "off-park" day. Enjoy whatever you decide.

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