Looking For Minnie& Other Things.

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    May 27, 2007
    I'm Currently Searching For A Princess Minnie Hat [[; *& Some Other Items I Will List At The Bottom, Along With Other Things I'm Willing To Add//Replace To//With My Offer.*

    Currently My Offer Is;

    Blue Tiki Rug x1
    Captain Quarters Chair x1
    Captain Hook's Dream Chair [eBay One.] x1
    White Mickey Ghost x2
    Red Heart Chair x1
    Magenta Heart Chair x1
    Gold PhilarMagic Chair x1
    Crow's Nest Barstool [Bottom] x1

    POTC Insider Tour x1
    Snowman Magic * x2
    Bat Magic * x3
    Tangaroa-Ru Tiki Pin x1

    Bird Hat x1
    Black Cowboy Shirt No Vest x1

    *Also Looking For Green Explorer Shorts, Sparrow Shoes& Dream Ears.*

    If You Are Trading All Four Items, Or Two I Might Be Willing To Add;

    Black Candle x1 [I Will Only Offer This For ALL Four. Again, This Will Be The ONLY Thing Offered If You Have All FOUR Items.]
    Musketeer Hat x1
    Black Ears x1
    Herbie Shoes x1
    Halloween Seance Circle Cards Pin x1
    Halloween Seance Trumpet Pin x1
    Fireworks Remixed Gold Pin x1
    Everest Cart x1

    Thanks For At Least Looking [[;

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