Looking for 4 Parks, 1 World T-Shirt DISign.

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    May 11, 2016
    It seems most of the DISigners I used for my last trip are no longer designing or are on break. I need a design that I can print and transfer onto t-shirt for our January 26- Feb 3, 2019 trip. We are planning for our last park hop day to be a 4 park hop. If anyone can handle this request, I would greatly appreciate it. I know that most designers don't like to put out generics, but I don't want our names on them. However, I do want a date, so that would make it personalized I guess? I'm going to try to describe what I'd like:

    A big Mickey Head where the bottom part of the head is a globe outlined in black with 2 black ears. Then I'd like the silhouettes of each of the park icons on the globe (Top left the Tree of Life, Top right the Tower of Terror, Bottom left Spaceship Earth and Bottom right Cinderella's castle.) On the left ear I'd like it to say '4 Parks" and on the right ear I'd like it to say "1 World" and then underneath the Mickey Head, I'd like it to say February 2, 2019.

    ETA: I have a sketch of it if needed for clarification.

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