Look out Mickey, here we come!! Day 1

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    Jul 19, 2002
    Me…29 self professed Disney freak (8th trip to Disney World)
    Matthew…30 loves me despite my Disney freakishness (first trip to Disney World)

    Day One, Sept 9, 2002

    The alarm goes off bright and early…4:30am! I barley slept anyway so I bounce out of bed. Matthew isn’t quite as chipper as I am. The poor thing is just exhausted. So I go in and get him a cup of coffee to bribe him out of bed. This seems to work!! He reluctantly gets out of bed and we begin to get ready to leave.

    We are all ready to go by 5:20am…right on time! I wanted to be out of the apartment and on our way by 5:30am. We load the car (how we got all of this stuff into suitcases is beyond me!)…do the final walk through of the apartment…make sure the cat has enough food and water to hold her over until my sister comes to check on her…and we’re off!

    We get, oh, I’d say about halfway to the airport when I realize that I forgot something very important…my bouquet! So we turn around and head back. This is really throwing my schedule off now. We get back to the apartment, I run in to get my bouquet, and we’re back on the road to the airport at 6:00am. I had wanted to be AT the airport at 6:00am…oh well. Matthew does his best to calm me and we finally make it to the long term lot to leave the car.

    Matthew and the man working there unload the car and load everything onto the bus while I go in to register the car and leave the keys. No problems…on the bus and headed to the airport by about 6:30am. As we are heading to the airport, I realize that I had forgotten to give the gal at the long term lot my coupon for the discounted rates! Matthew says that we will take care of it when we get back and not to worry. So I don’t!

    We make it to the airport and get all checked in by about 6:45am. The woman at the Delta desk was not overly friendly…she must’ve needed more coffee! After we send our bags on their merry way, which is hopefully to our plane, we head to our gate. We are starving by now and after checking out the security line, decide that we can hit McDonald’s for a quick bite to take to the gate with us. Matthew gets me a sausage biscuit and a small diet coke and he has a ham, egg, and cheese bagel sandwich, hashbrown, and coffee. We then head over to the security checkpoint. There was a gentleman in line behind us that told us to expect to dump our drinks because they wouldn’t let us take them through security. We decide to chance it and we get up to the checkpoint and DON’T have to dump our drinks! YAY!! Matthew has his laptop all ready for them and we manage to breeze through without incident. Which is rather unusual. Matthew is always the one that gets picked out of a crowd for the random security checks! But not this time…I kept telling him that it was because I was with him!

    We finally find our gate. We are booked on a non stop flight from Indianapolis (IND) to Orlando (MCO) departing at 8:00am. We get ourselves situated, eat our breakfast, and then call my parents to let them know that we made it to the airport ok and that we’ll call them when we get to MCO. They finally start boarding our flight. We purposely chose the back row of the plane so that we could be the first ones on. We get all the way to the back of the plane and the flight attendants are surprised that we actually WANTED to sit there. The flight was nowhere near full so we could’ve had our choice of just about any seat on the flight! We stayed with our original choice since we were in the only row with just two seats side by side. We didn’t want a seat between us. There was no place for me to hang my wedding dress and his suit up so Matthew carefully laid the garment bag out in an empty overhead compartment. We sat down and got ourselves all situated for the flight.

    The flight was relatively smooth, except for a little turbulence over Georgia. We tried to watch a movie on the laptop, but it just wouldn’t cooperate, so we listened to a CD instead and I went to sleep. It was a fairly short flight…only about 2 hours. We landed in MCO about 20 minutes early! Every time I fly into MCO, I always look out the window to see if I can see any hint of WDW. I never do…one of these times I will!

    We get off of the plane, board the little monorail (love that voice!!), and head to baggage claim. For the first trip in about 3 years, all of our luggage arrived with us!! We then start looking for a courtesy phone to call Alamo for shuttle pick up. As Matthew’s dialing the number, I see the bus, so we just hang up and go outside. We get on the bus and are whisked away to the Alamo location. Here again, the gal behind the desk wasn’t super friendly but we got the car that we wanted (2002 Mitsubishi Lancer…exactly what we drive at home!). We head out to the parking lot and decide to just walk to our car instead of waiting for the shuttle. Find the car with no problem, load up, get out all of the maps, and we’re off! (It’s now about noon)

    First stop is the Osceola Courthouse to obtain our marriage license. Found it pretty easily! We were expecting a long wait but it only took us about an hour to get our license. I did notice that there were a lot of folks there from the UK getting marriage licenses…must be a popular wedding spot for them! (Now about 1pm)

    Next stop is the wedding chapel. We chose the Little White Wedding Chapel on Hwy 192 for budget reasons. I was a little concerned about doing this without seeing it before booking it. But we checked them out online and Matthew talked to them and we felt comfortable with them. We were not disappointed! The outside doesn’t really look like much, but that didn’t matter to us.

    We went inside and met with the wedding coordinator, Pat. She owns the place and her husband, Michael, is the minister there. They are very nice people! We talked about our ceremony and everything that was to be included in our package. We were done in about an hour. Still, right on schedule! (It’s now about 2pm)

    Now it’s off to find our resort!!! We were staying at the All Star Music. This was my first time staying onsite and I was very excited!

    Before we had left home, I had printed out maps to everywhere that we needed to go. So far, the maps had all been correct! Until now…

    For some reason, the directions just didn’t make much sense to us as we were heading to the resort. Once we were on SR535, I kind of knew the general area and I thought that this would take us to the Downtown Disney Resorts. I decided that we would just go there and then figure out how to get to the resort from Downtown Disney. Once we got to Hotel Plaza Blvd, we realized that the directions picked up from there! We finally found our resort!!

    My excitement at this point is through the roof. It was everything I could do to keep from floating away!! We check in and a room is ready for us. Laurie (the gal at the front desk) was all excited that we were getting married while we were there. She was able to grant my request to be put in the Broadway section!! YIPPEE!!! She then shooed me away and tried to give Matthew some tips and secrets for some romantic things to do while we were there.

    While they were chatting, I went and gandered at the pictures they have on the wall there in the main building. They had several pictures of a gal I went to high school with! Heather Headley!! They had several pictures of her from her stint as Aida. That was pretty exciting!!

    Matthew comes and finds me and we’re off to find our room. We get back to our room and I am just thrilled with the location!! We were in room 8656 and our room overlooked the little courtyard area between the Broadway buildings. We were on the 3rd floor and could see the little yellow taxi right down on the “street” and we could see out to the piano pool area too.

    At this point, Matthew and I are starving so we head back to the food court. He has a spicy chicken sandwich and fries while I had chicken fingers and fries. We shared a diet coke. I am just bouncing off of the walls now. I am dying to get to a park to play!! So, off we go to MGM Studios!

    We decide to take the bus to the Studios. We get there at about 4:30pm and breeze through security and the admission gates. The first thing we do is RnR (walk on). Matthew loved this! He had to buy the picture at the end…and then it’s off to my favorite, ToT (walk on)! I LOVE this one!! I always get a little freaked out in the pre-show, but once I’m on the ride, I love it! We are sitting in the very back row. I have the seat with a bar on it and Matthew got the seatbelt seat…He liked it, but he said that what was scariest about it was the anticipation of NOT knowing when you would drop. We also wander about and end up at the GMR. There was no wait, so we went ahead and rode it.

    We decide to skip Fantasmic tonight and head to Downtown Disney. We take the bus. Very interesting bus ride…the driver kept missing his turn. We drove around the block 3 times!! Finally made it to DD…it’s about 6:30pm.

    We wander through some of the shops and decide that we’ll come back to get my Mr. Potato Head. It’s nearing 9:00pm by now and we’re kind of hungry. So we decide on McDonald’s. We split a 20 piece McNuggets, large fry, and large diet coke. I love this McDonald’s! I love the fact that they have the dipping sauces out in the spigot things like they have the ketchup!

    It’s now going on 10pm and we still have a few things to do before we can go to bed so we catch the bus back to the resort. Get back to the room, shower, steam my dress and his suit, unpack, and choose our music for the ceremony. Now we can go to bed…its 1am. I have an appointment with Disney Cosmetology to do my hair at 6:45am. Set the wake up call and also the alarm clock as a back up…and finally collapse into a semi-sleep…

    Tomorrow’s the big day…

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    Dec 28, 1999
    I hope you wake up in time ......thanks so much for letting us be a part of your big day....
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    Oct 12, 1999
    great first day Brandie!!
    I would have HAD to get to bed earlier than you did!! No wonder you were so tired when you got home.
    Looking forward to the rest :)
  5. Krissalee

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    Feb 3, 2001
    What a busy day! I can't wait to read about the wedding!

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us!
  6. Mickey's sunshine

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    May 23, 2000
    Yep, sounds like a good first day!! Now let me go find "the big day"!!
  7. yepod

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    Aug 18, 2001
    Nice start!

    On to day two!

    Thanks for the post!

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