Look out Florida, here we come! Day 2: Animal Kingdom and Epcot- this is really long!

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    Sep 8, 2000
    Cast of Characters:

    Mom- 39
    Dad- 39
    Piglet- me! 13-yo girl
    Eeyore-13-yo girl
    Buzz Lightyear- 10-yo boy
    Pluto- 6-yo boy

    Wednesday, 11/8

    We wanted to arrive at AK by 8. This REALLY did not happen. We finally got there around 10. Mom was getting a little frustrated because she had spent so much time planning this trip, but her plans were not working. No one wanted to get up in the mornings.

    When we got to AK, we found Timon inside the gate, and Terk on the way to Africa. Also found large crowds compared to the crowds at MK. Grabbed FP for Kilimanjaro Safaris and then went to Conservation Station. We explored a little bit there. mom and dad liked the bathrooms- interesting info on the walls and doors. We met Rafiki and Tarzan there... Tarzan talks and he's really funny. Mom asked him if he had learned how to write his name yet (she wanted an autograph) and he replied,"Yes. Jane teaches Tarzan to write his name, now Tarzan writes his name over and over and over all day long." By the time we got out of the Conservation Station, it was very hot outside, so we stopped and ate some ice cream for a snack.

    When we got back from the Conservation Station, we walked right on the Safaris w/ FP. This was fun. When we got off, we did the Pangani Forest trail. It was nice and the gorillas were cute. We liked the "Timons" (meerkats), but by the time we were done on the trail we were all hot, tired, and hungry. We ate lunch at the Tusker House. The lines were sort of long, but we went all the way down to the end and they weren't as bad. The food was good, and we all felt better after eating and sitting in the air conditioning.

    After lunch we went to Camp Minnie-Mickey. We wanted to see the Lion King show, but it was full. The lady recommended that we come back for the last show of the day. We watched an animal training session at the Pocahontas stage, and then went on to Dinoland.

    Mom and all the kids got in line for Tarzan while Dad went to get FP for Dinosaur. He got into the Tarzan show and found us right before it started. The show was okay, but it was very loud and had more singing than the actual story. After the show, Dad, Eeyore, Buzz, and I went on Dinosaur. This ride is really fun, but I don't suggest taking little kids on it because some of the dinosaurs try to eat you. Mom and Pluto went to the boneyard, and we met them there after the ride.

    Mom, Eeyore, Pluto, and I went to the Lion King show while Dad tried to get Buzz out of the boneyard. They decided to go see It's Tough to be a Bug instead of the Lion King. The Lion King Show is really good- probably the best show in WDW, along w/ Fantasmic. Dad and Buzz liked ITTBB. Dad said it's like a notch up from the Muppet show at MGM, but it's not for the squeamish! We met them after the show, and they were sorry they missed the Lion King after we told them about it. We wandered around in the store and bought some Mickey-shaped chocolate truffles. Pluto got a Mickey-shaped pretzel. Then we left AK and headed for Epcot. Mom was disappointed because we missed all of Asia, and we knew we probably wouldn't have time to revisit AK this trip.

    We were surprised at how long the lines were to get into Epcot. We got in and walked right on to Spaceship Earth. Pluto enjoyed this, and asked if we could go on it again later. Went to guest services to see if we could get PS for Fantasmic on Friday. We had tried to do this at AK, but they said the computer wouldn't let them check the schedule for Friday. The CM at Epcot was able to check, but everthing was full. However, both places said that MGM often opens more PS the day of the show, and to check as soon as we got there on friday.

    We then headed to World Showcase and ate dinner at the Food & Wine festival. The chocolate fondue at Switzerland was really good, but I spilled some on my shirt and looked like an idiot. The quesadillas at the Mexico Food & Wine booth were good, too, but the best food was the churos in the Mexico fast food restaurant.

    We found a place near Germany to watch ToN and illuminations. The only problem was that we didn't know it was the place where they had people walking through during ToN, and so a CM was standing there and kept telling us to move. Mom, Buzz, and Pluto ran across the street to get a better view, and she yelled at them. (We were not having very good experiences at parades) ToN was still really good. Illuminations was good too. Dad was trying to figure out how they do the video on the globe. He never did.

    When we got back to HIFS, Mom, buzz, and Pluto went into the heated pool. They said it was refreshing. Eeyore and I stayed in the room and watched TV.

    Next- Day 3:DisneyQuest and Downtown Disney
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    Thanks for the wonderful report.

    Sure sounds like you are having a great time at Disney.

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    Great reports - on my way to read more!!

    Yacht Club Dec, 2000 (I can't wait!)
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    Bumping - to keep them together :)
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    Don't worry - I usually spill stuff on my shirts too. Thanks for posting!

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