**Live from the DIS Chat Room- It's Saturday Night!! Tonight: Put On Your Top Hat!!

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by WillyJ, Aug 10, 2002.

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    Apr 23, 2000
    Greeting Campers!! :wave: How was your week? :D

    Well, I must say the week here at The DIS Institute Of Chat, NyQuil, Buffet, and Television Studies was one filled with rampant drug abuse and violence!!! :eek: :eek:

    It started out calm enough; with your humble chat hosts all moved into our new facility, the week originally settled into a lazy routine. . . Here in Bald Knob, the weather was hot, the Corn was high, and the living was easy. . ;) . Marla began each day by rising early and hitting various dentist offices in search of Percodan, then spending her afternoons watching Dr. Phil and thowing empty prescription bottles at the big screen TV; while I spent my days sleeping late and then trying to sell the '67 Dodge that had served us so well as a temporary office on E-bay by listing it as a "Mobile NASA Tech Unit". . . :p

    Things were fine for a couple days; but then on Tuesday afternoon I tried to turn the channel over to a Toby Tyler film festival. . . . and Marla became so upset that she flung a Faberge Egg at my head, stabbed me in the buttocks with the plastic fork she was using to eat her Wendy's Oriental Chicken Salad, and accused me of being part of a "vast right-wing conspiracy". . . :o

    It was upsetting to say the least; for the first time I think I really understood what Nancy Reagan meant when she said; "Just Say Moe". . . [​IMG] ;)

    Obviously the poor dear needed compassion, understanding, and friend to lean on. . . so I called Pumba to come stay with her while I jumped a plane to Belize and spent the rest of the week spear fishing with Maggie at Ambergris Caye. . . :teeth:

    Yes, it was indeed an eventful week, but alls well that ends well. . . in fact it reminds me a little saying we have around here; "WARNING! DO NOT Iron Shirt While Wearing!!!" . . . so true. . . :smooth:

    Any-hoo; after such a stressful week, we've decided to treat ourselves and all our loyal clientele to an upscale time . . so this evening, Disney After Dark will be heading to the Disney/MGM Studios where we'll be dragging the Chat Tub into the beautiful Hollywood Brown Derby!!! :bounce: :D

    That's right kids, this faithful re-creation of the famous Los Angeles eatery is quit elegant. . we'll dine on their trademark Cobb Salad, Grapefruit Cake, and beer. . . ;) :jester: Then after dinner, we'll head for a ride or two on the Rock&Roller Coaster and maybe catch the late showing of Fantasmic!. . . :) :bounce:

    So come on by and join the fun!! As always, the food, drink and fun are on the house, and everyone is invited. . . so fire up your computer, and join your chat hosts Marla and WillyJ. this Saturday night in the Main Chat Lobby at 9PM EST. It's a lot of fun, and a great opportunity to hang out with your fellow DIS'ers and get to know each other better in a relaxed, informal Atmosphere. :) As always, general Disney or Universal questions are encouraged and appreciated, and there will be a room full of Orlando veterans there to help you out. . .

    Everyone's invited, so see ya there! :D

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