Live from the DIS Chat Room, It's Saturday Night! Tonight: Boardwalk Bash!!!


DIS Veteran
Aug 14, 1999
Howdy Campers! Long time no see!

Well, it's been a rough week at the Institute, so rough in fact, we've had to give your regular chat hosts a little vacation (rehab) from their normal hard-working activity (NyQuil abuse) and SO....

We, your humble Chat Stand-Ins (bet losers) have graciously offered (Jay had a nightstick) to act as Hosts (bouncers) for the weekly Saturday Night Social (drunkfest). :D

Tonight, we gather to honor the birth of a man who's impact upon the world cannot be overstated. The words "icon", "visionary", and "genius" could only BEGIN to describe the brilliance and foresight of the dream this man brought to fruition, a dream that could only be realized in the free and open society of our own great democracy. A dream that has touched the lives of every hardworking American citizen. A dream symbolized by the very spark in a young child's eye............a dream of a man that never lost his childlike innocence........yes, campers, that simple dreamer we honor today, on this, February 16th, the day of his birth, is the humble soul we reverently call "Everybody's Uncle"........the great............Iced T.........please bow with us in a moment of silence....... ;)

Okay, moment over, it's party time! We're serving up the Long Island Iced Tea's in honor of the man himself and partying all OVER the Boardwalk! We'll be having a little dinner at Spoodle's, then getting rowdy at Kimono's and winding it all up (getting thrown out) at Jellyroll's!! :D

SO put on your party hats, tell the spouse you're having the house inspected for radon and join your hosts Nikole, PatrickIL, and Sonjarella in the Main Lobby of the Chat Room at 9 pm EST. It'll be lots of fun and a great way to get to know your fellow DISers in a relaxed atmosphere! Hope to see ya there! :)

<i>Disclaimer: The Chat Hosts cannot accept responsibility for personal or psychological injury obtained as a result, directly or indirectly, of attending this chat. We will not clean any messes, correct any behavior or clear up any rumors resulting therein. People with heart conditions, back problems, ingrown toenails or the heartbreak of psoriasis, should not attend this chat! Licks received from germ-bearing individuals are the sole responsibility of the lickee. :p </i>


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