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    Apr 23, 2000
    Top O’ The Morning To Ya!! How was your week? :)

    Well, here at the Saturday Night Chat Institute Of Wine, Pizza, and Television Studies. have spent the week getting ready to throw one of our favorite parties of the year-St. Patrick’s Day!!! :bounce: :bounce: [​IMG]

    It’s been a festive week for sure; as I practiced drinking Guinness Stout, [​IMG] . . . Marla was busy picking out her Irish dancing. . [​IMG]

    And we’ve both been brushing up on our Irish drinking toasts, like this classic:

    Here's to you and yours
    And to mine and ours.
    And if mine and ours
    Ever come across to you and yours,
    I hope you and yours will do
    As much for mine and ours
    As mine and ours have done
    For you and yours!

    Hmmmm. . . I have to believe drinking was involved with that one!! :eek:


    ;) :teeth:

    Any-who. . we’re ready to party; so tonight we are pleased to announce that Disney After Dark will be heading back to Epcot and meeting up at one of all time favorite places, The Rose and Crown Pub!!!! :bounce: :D

    Ahhhhh. . if these walls could talk. . . we’d probably all still be in jail!! :eek: ;) Aye, 'tis true our reputation precedes us at this wonderful drinkery in the UK section of Future World, but we have pawned the “Black Dot” and raised enough cash for a damage bond, so once again we are welcomed guests at this wonderful little pub, and we will take advantage of it. . ;) :bounce: ;) :teeth:

    So pour the kids a pint of Guinness for dinner, get them to bed early, put on some green, and join your chat hosts Marla and WillyJ. this Saturday night in the Main Chat Lobby at 9PM EST. It's a lot of fun, and a great opportunity to hang out with your fellow DIS'ers and get to know each other better in a relaxed, informal Atmosphere. :) As always, general Disney or Universal questions are encouraged and appreciated, and there will be a room full of Orlando veterans there to help you out. . .

    Everyone's invited, so see ya there! :D

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