Little Bits of Disney MAgic on our recent trip

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  1. Nlbnikki

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    Oct 23, 2006
    We just returned from an 8 day celebrating dd's 4th b Day trip and my dd4 had several magical experiences.
    1) While in AK the talking trash can told her to get in a line in which we all received dream fp's and a CM gave her a free bottled water.
    2)She received 3 free pins to trade due to it being her birthday from several CM's.
    3)Free desserts at almost every meal we ate.
    4)A couple magical certificates for doing nice things for others.
    5)On our last day she had an accident in Sir Mickey's(hasn't done this in 2 years)and a CM asked her size and went to another store looking for a change of clothes,she came back with a pair of tinkerbell sweatpants and when I asked her how much they were,she said they were on the house,a $24 dollar savings.
    6)On our way out of MK on the last day she was sad because I wouldn't get her the princess balloon a CM asked her why she was sad and then proceeded to give her the balloon and told her to have a magical day.

    With all of that being said it was just as much fun seeing unsuspecting guests gets surprised. Our trip would have been magical without all of these little things,but they were a fun addition to an otherwise perfect trip.
  2. DisneyMom5

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    Nov 11, 2003
    I bet she was on cloud nine! :goodvibes
    I don't care what people thing, little ones do get a lot out of disney! She'll remember this trip! :wizard:
  3. Vickie46

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    Sep 26, 2000
    Wow!! Now that is Disney Magic! :goodvibes

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