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    Above is a link to a story in my local paper today...yes, there is a problem with the gas...wholesale prices have fell, but retial has increased. All of the damage that has been done to the pipelines and refineries haven't even been assessed yet so they aren't up and running, at least seven Gulf refineries aren't up and running. 95 percent of the Gulf of Mexico's oil output isn't being produced. Wholesale suppliers are limiting to what they sell to the retailers. Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi will be allowed to sell non standard summer gas to help us out a little. Several pipelines that carry gasoline, heating oil and jet fuel to other markets are also being disrupted. Here is a direct quote from the article

    "The infrastructure was already strained before the hurricane," said oil analyst Fadel Gheit at Oppenheimer & Co. in New York. "The hurricane has made a bad situation worse."
    So to all of you that are saying... 50% 25% what ever, those that are saying the gas is going down... yes that may be true in your part of the country...but not for the parts that this article is naming.... not if they are going to allow us to use substandard gas. I knew there had to be more to the story of what was first being told...there is no way that the hurricane & horaders of gas could to what is happening to the school districts in FL... Please read this article..... it is a very interesting one.... at least it has shed some light on what is really happening instead of everyone saying what they have "heard"....Remember.... not everyones oil comes from down this way....

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