Lining up kids ages with the 50th Anniversary

May 25, 2017
We want to do a big family trip for the 50th, but are struggling with the ages of our kids and timing. We have taken the kids as toddlers and infants, these trips are mostly for us since the kids get in free. The kids enjoyed them, but Im sure they will have no memory of them. We want to take a trip that our kids will remember and we want to enjoy and experience the new attractions for the 50th Anniversary. Obviously we don't know whether the 50th starts Jan 1st 2021 or Summer 2021. I especially want to hear from parents or honorary parents who have taken kids these ages before. What was your experience with kids these ages? We plan on going every 2-3 years so this is not a "once in a lifetime" sort of trip.

Spring Break 2021: 2(Almost 3 and Free!) and turning 5

Summer 2021: 3 and 5

Christmas Break 2021: 3.5 and 5.5

Spring Break 2022: Almost 4 and turning 6

Summer 2022: 4 and 6

Christmas Break 2022 4.5 and 6.5
As a father of 3, you had me at "Almost 3 and Free!"

On a more serious note, my kids are 6 4 and 1.5. We've had two trips so far when they were 2.5 and 8mos and again at 4 and 2. My daughter (oldest) is now 6 and she barely remembers the last trip. She remembers some rides and some experiences, but no complete memory of the whole trip. I'm really looking forward to this year as this will be the first vacation that she should really remember, and not just "Hey I remember Dumbo..".

So if it's not your last trip, go when they're free. If it's specifically for the 50th ONLY, then go when they're the oldest.

Or go twice.
Take the trip! Especially when they're free or before 10. Not looking forward to when my current 9 year old becomes a "Disney adult." We've gone with a 4 yo, then with 5 yo/9 month old, a 7 yo/2yo, 8yo/3 yo, and will go in June with a 9 yo/4 yo. Go go go. Seeing Disney through their eyes is magical at every stage. Also, I kinda like Disney, so I go for me too and the kids just get dragged along ;)
So the official 50th anniversary is October of 2021. For Mickey’s 90th birthday the celebration sort of started on his bday but then carried on and more activities were added over the next few months. I would be worried that with a Spring or Summer 2021 trip you may miss a bunch of the festivities, though on the other hand you may also miss a lot of the crowds so I would weigh those two things to see what was important. Also, I’m all for going when a child can get in free if you plan on doing multiple trips, but at 2 the child really won’t remember the trip at all. I did 4 and 7 and the ages worked out well. The 4 year old was tall enough to get on almost everything and was no longer taking naps so she really got a lot out of the trip I think.

If you really want the kids to have memories of this trip, I suggest to wait as long as possible so they are "older." Though honestly, I'm not sure there is a lot of difference between 5 and 6.5 as far as ability to remember. Everybody remembers childhood differently -- my brother has very vivid detailed memories even from when he was a preschooler, while I have hazy memories of places and events even if I was a tween at the time.

DD is now 14. She was 5.5 on her visit trip to WDW. She remembers going but no real specific memories except a couple of rides. They'll remember more if you take pictures, create an album or scrapbook, and review it with them regularly.

Enjoy your vacation!


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