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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by WDW LifeLong Fan, May 14, 2005.

  1. Hello All,
    We are in the process of choosing a Limo Company. We have always driven to WDW or rented a car at MCO. However, this trip we want to use a Limo Company for our transfers. I realize that there are several options, FL Tours, Happy Limo, Tiffany, Prestige, Quicksilver, etc. with all having similar cost structures.

    Please provide me your insights and experiences.

  2. tomerin

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    Aug 30, 2003
    well last year we used a limo serivce for the first time and we chose happy limo. the only reason we chose them is on the advice of my travel agent.

    well i needed a few different pickups and transfers over the course of our 10 day vacations so i needed a reliable company. i needed a pickup at amtrak for my wife and DS#2 and i needed a pickup at MCO for myself and DS#1. wife doesnt fly. both pickups we on time and to my suprise we both recieved a free upgrade to a luxury excursion. the driver didnt show any signs of annoyance when picking up my wife, of course her train was delayed.

    we needed a round trip to discovery cove and the driver we recieved this trip was again on time, in fact early. he was very conversational and made the short trip a very pleasent one. he inquired as to when we would be done because he was also scheduled to pick us up. we werent sure how much we would enjoy the day, so i couldnt give hm an exact time as to when he should return. he gave me his cell number so we could call him when we were done. we called and he came reasonably fast.

    the return home we had another different driver and he was as pleasent as the others were.

    we will continue to use happy limo until something happens to convince us otherwise.

    highly reccomended
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  4. Thanks tomerin for your quick reply!

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  6. Alaska Catdog

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    May 30, 2004
    We've used them twice and we'll be using them again on Monday. They are prompt, friendly and affordable. We used them in November then again in February and we had the same driver and he remembered us. I was amazed. With all the people those folks see, and he remembered us. :rotfl:
  7. Thanks Alaska Catdog!
  8. BCVOwner2002

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    Jul 7, 2002
    We have used FL Tours several times and have had good experiences. I wasn't sure who to use either but since FL Tours sponsors the Disboards I thought it was worth it to support them. We will continue to use FL Tours for future trips too. Annmarie

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