Life without our Disney Dad


Jun 15, 2007
My husband passed away September 17. Two weeks after returning from our trip to Disney. While there he had had a seizure and was taken by ambulance from POR to Celebration Hospital. The staff at POR was amazing. They have training beyond belief to handle these kinds of situations. Same goes for Celebration Hospital. We would go to Disney in August for our anniversary. We'd wear those celebration buttons with pride. We'd also take our 2 kids with us...Thisnyear I wasn't sure about going, but the kids and I are going it alone. Me and two 14 yo's. I'm sure we'll cry, laugh, and do lots of remembering, along with making some new memories. And although there's not the usual excitement, August 28th is quickly coming and before we know it, we'll be back. We've learned a lot this past year. You're never promised a tomorrow. Live life with no regrets, be an active participant and live. My biggest regret is we never did date night...we talked about it, but never made it happen. Much love and pixie dust to all that post in this forum.

Dan Murphy

We are family.
Apr 20, 2000
My condolences, Yes, lots of remembering, lots of new memories. And remember, he is with you with every step you and your kids take. God speed for your hubby, God bless for you and your family, Madisonsmom45.


Always Dreaming...
Jul 10, 2005
As your trip nears, know that you and your kids are in our thoughts and prayers! May your memories be magical in every way.


<3 Pink sugar heart attack! <3
Jun 14, 2011
I hope your trip is healing and soothes your family's spirits. <3


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