Leave for WDW tomorrow, and we're still in our jammies with nothing packed!


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Mar 28, 2010
This has become our new normal for Disney trips for DW and myself. We wait till literally the night before to pack for our WDW trip (4-5 nts).

We drive down from GA and bring food stuffs with us. So we did get a grocery run in the other day, but somehow we have managed to already eat most of the 'fun' food items.

At least the packing lists are printed out, packing area drop zones are cleared ready for items, and laundry is almost done.

We'll go into hurry up panic mode around 8 pm tonight and be fully packed by 9:30 pm. Then up at 7 am, finish packing the cold/frozen food with wheels up at 8:15 with fresh coffee for both of us.

At least we have a plan! :car: