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May 31, 2000
My dh says he saw somewhere on the DVC boards something about laundry detergent TABLETS that are on the market. Of course, at that time we figured we'd always be staying at a hotel without a washer in the room, so didn't worry about it.

Now we own DVC and will be staying at OKW in May.... And we can't find any such product in any of our local stores. :mad:

What brand are these things? And where have you found them? They sound wonderful!!


ohiominnie :p
I got Tide tablets at K-Mart for our trip in November. (Yes, I already started putting things aside to take. :rolleyes: ) I'm really not sure what other brands there are...something makes me think "Cheer"...but I would think most stores like K-Mart carry them now. They are more expensive than liquid or powder, but well worth it. And I hear they disolve well, too; haven't tried mine yet, but will before our trip.

The tablets are packaged two to a packet. According to the box, you would use 3 tablets for a large/heavily soiled load, and 2 tablets for a medium load.

Hope you find them!
Thanks MaryAnn!

I'll have to look at my K-mart. I was looking in grocery stores. Maybe because I live in the middle of Ohio!! We might be behind on getting the new, cool stuff!

I usually only use about 1/3 of the detergent that they call for anyway. Full strength and I can never rinse the soap out. Guess that's one of the problems with a water softener!!! So one tablet per load should do me!

They may be more expensive, but wouldn't it be more expensive to replace your clothes and suitcase because your liquid detergent spilled in transit?????? :confused:

Thanks again,
ohiominnie :p
We bought some Tide tablets at a Walgreens on Irlo Bronson Highway in Kissimmee ... on the right side of the road as you head away from WDW.

Wisk sells them too, I used them for our trip in February. Lots of times they have coupons in the Sunday paper.
I loved them. They were so easy to pack and use (we also used Cascade tablets for the dishwasher). Just don't mix them up LOL!

Be careful though--sometimes they don't dissolve completely. Especially if you're using cold water. You'll end up with "gunk" on your clothes. I put the tablet in the washer, filled it with water (just a few inches) and then let it sit (without clothes) for 10-15 minutes. That seemed to help. My friend puts them in a cup first with water to dissolve them, and then adds them to the wash. Also, I thought the Tide ones worked better.

I have used both Tide and Wisk brands. Tide dissolves almost immediately upon contact with water. Wisk does not dissolve well with a load of cold water and done on gentle cycle. I had some things in the cold water Wisk load that I had to do over because of the flecks of detergent left on them.

I find both the Wisk and Tide tablets at Sams, Costco, BJ's and all my local grocery stores. Saw them at K-mart yesterday too.
We have both Tide and Whisk tablets in our local groceries.
You can also pre-measure powder detergent and put in ziploc baggies, that works well too.

FYI-We used the front load washer at BWV a few months ago where you put the detergent in the windows on the top on the machine and I noticed a whole tablet undissolved when I went to put my detergent in. So I just threw it in with the clothes. I would say they will/do not work well in those machines. I also put clothes and tablets in the reg. machines and it seemed to be fine.
We use these tablets only at WDW. They're so convenient-- I have so many other things to pack that I like not having to premeasure detergent! We found Tide at Target.
Thanks everyone!!
Because of all your great advice I searched coupons and store flyers. Found BOTH today in the paper.

Got Tide tablets (45 I think) for $8.99 and then had a $.50 coupon which was doubled to $1. So not too bad!!!

Now, ANOTHER good reason to leave for I can use my Tide tablets!! (Like I really need another good reason!)

Thanks for all your help!!!

ohiominnie :p
I used the Wisk tablets when we were at VWL in March. Because the machine there is smaller than mine at home, I only used one tablet per load. Didn't have any problem with gunk on the clothes afterwards.
I just found Wisk tablets at Rite Aid drugstore - 2 tablets for 50 cents trial pack.. Bought 2 packs to cover our trip.
We used the Tide ones when we stayed at Boardwalk in December and they worked great! No mess, no measure.

Our local grocery store carries them as does Target.:wave:


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