Laundry room - has anyone replace their duratub sink cabinet thing?


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Jul 15, 2003
I just hate my duratub sink/cabinet thing in my laundry room. Most dysfunctional piece of crap in my house. Makes the sink virtually impractical to use.


We've been in our house long enough to replace the kitchen/backhallway and powder room floors - so - if we are going to "do" anything that would change where flooring goes - we would have to deal with this duratub problem sooner than later.

As far as people seeing this - it is just the family. We always have that room closed when there is company over. In part - the duratub is just - it would be really nice to keep this door open.

So - I still want a sink - but am limited to about 18 to 20" of width. I still want a cabinet - but we know a cabinet maker who can replicate the other cabinets in the room. I just can't figure out the sink thing.

So - what have you all done?


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Mar 31, 2007
I have a stainless utility sink on an off-the-rack base cabinet. It is decent looking, much more "finished" looking than the duratub style IMO. The closed-door storage keeps the soap and bleach and such out of sight and protected from the sawdust that seems to get everywhere in my basement, and the stainless sink with its small built-in drying rack is much more functional and stain resistant when it comes to washing out brushes and rollers and otherwise cleaning up workshop mess.


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Jul 15, 2003
The dura tub cabinet is U.G.L.Y.

Really ugly. The cabinet doesn't allow for taller items, due to how high the sink is.

The sink is big and also awkward.

The lid-thing for the sink is also ugly. And if there is a tiny bit of moisture in the sink, eventually it will smell, easily remedied, but more of a PITA.

Hate it, hate it, hate it. Our flooring project is on hold right now, so we are not doing anything with the dura tub.


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Feb 5, 2005
I love my Duratub, but need to replace it and can't find one like it. It's probably as old as my house--1965 or so.


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