Last time their was a Birthday Party for you


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Apr 8, 2011
I must of been 8-10, but thats the way I like it, but we all life different things

party:March, 2019. There was actually 3 small'ish parties instead of one big one. Two were surprises planned by friends and one I threw for myself!!

Guess you would have to define "party."

My kids took me to a belated birthday dinner on Friday but I woudn't consider it a party. At work we do a lunch/pot luck for everyone's birthday but again I wouldn't define it as a party. Growing up I chose to go to Disneyland vs having a party with schoolmates. So I guess I can't really say when/if I ever had a birthday party.
I’ve never had a birthday party. Sure, each year I’ve celebrated with family, friends or boyfriend, but an actual party? Never.
My family has a birthday party for everyone. We all get together for dinner (spaghetti and meatballs are the tradition), and cake and ice cream for dessert. My birthday this year my husband was still in the hospital so we moved the party there so he could participate for a while. It was and probably always will be my favourite one.
My 50th Birthday, almost 18 years ago. It was a surprise and not too big. Just a group of girlfriends for lunch in a restaurant. Enjoyed it and appreciated the gesture very much.
I was turning 18 and working at Eckerd Drugs and very peeved because my friend asked to get off early and she knew it was my birthday and she knew I wanted to get home( we were working a later shift). So I get home, ready to vent to my sister, and there was my friend with several other of my friends. She had thrown together a mini-surprise party for me. Yeah, I felt bad for getting angry with her!
And though they weren't really parties my Mom and Dad would have my family over and fry fish for me. Mom would always have flowers for me and my Christmas bday cake!
When I was 16. The phone rang early that morning and woke me. I overheard my Mom talking and figured out they were planning a surprise party for me from the conversation. I didn’t tell her though.
My parental units never did birthday parties for my siblings and I

We wanted them but did not happen

When I had kids, we went all out for them
We all loved doing that !

Birthday parties were so much fun for all of us
18 my friends threw me quite the bash.
I'm not a fan of birthday parties. When I was young it was more fun to go out and party and now that I'm old I like taking a birthday getaway every year.
My 60th birthday last year. My family surprised me at a really nice Mexican restaurant


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