Lake Buena Vista Village Resort and spa


Earning My Ears
Feb 25, 2019
Hello! Considering staying there on our next trip as going with extended family and it would give us more space. Anyone stayed there? How long does it take to get to the parks?


Jan 17, 2014
I'm hoping for an answer as well! I may be going with a large friend group next year and I always stay onsite but we're going to need more room at a more affordable price.


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Jan 6, 1999
I've stayed there twice, the rooms are mainly time share so the last time we went our 2 bed was a bit scruffy! also when you first go to check in there now is a bit of hard sell on the time share, doesn't go down well with me after a long flight.
the rooms are very spacious, with lounge bedrooms full kitchen washing machine and dryer they have shuttle buses going to the parks. though we had a car
next door is lake buena vista mall and the irish pub, up the road (535) is walmart.
we've also stayed at Grande Villas resort, big rooms again and is near the crossroads, much preferred here!


DIS Veteran
May 7, 2005
If you do book this type of resort ( or any resort really) please keep a close eye on your kids at the pool, I’m not sure how well they cover the pool safety with on duty life guards. A while back there were reports of a similar resort (can’t remember if it was this specific one) on the news where kids had drowned in the pool while on holiday with their family. It pays to check these things out first.


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