Ladies 40 and over-Do you agree with this fashion advice?


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Aug 26, 2005
I read an interview with Ellen Barkin and she was giving her advice on being sexy and fashionable as one ages gracefully. She said there was a big difference between dressing sexy and dressy appropriately for one's age. She then went on to say that someone over 40 should never show their knees in anything!!! I was like "What!" I have a few skirts that are above the knee that I don't feel are too short. Some are right at the knee, some are about an inch above the knee, and there is one that is pretty short, but I wear during the summer. What do you think? Should we really be hiding our knees after the age of 40? That seems ridiculous. In fact, the black skirt I wore on the Disney Cruise with long black boots came to about an inch or so above my knee.
nope - dont agree
I look better at almost 50 than I did when i was closer to 40 (lost 45 lbs 4yrs ago and now Im closer to goal weight)

wear what you want!
Hiding our knees after 40? WTH, the knees are the only things that are looking good and now they say I have to hide them :rotfl:
I read that article, too, and just thought, "Whatever, Ellen." ;)

I'll be 44 next week. I have had incredibly skinny legs all my life. I figure still being able to wear shorts and short skirts over the age of 40 is payoff for all those chicken leg jokes over the years. :rotfl2:

I think that's nuts. I'm 42 and I wear shorts all summer long. Even capris are too warm for me when it's hot out, and while below the knee dresses/skirts are cooler, I don't think they're very practical for hiking, biking or running around the playground with my kids. :confused3

I do care about my appearance, however I won't sacrifice basic comfort for some shallow stranger who thinks my knees are too dimpled to be seen in public. ;)
No, I don't agree. I have very muscular calves and if I wore things that hit just below my knee or mid-calf my legs would look HUGE. By wearing skirts, shorts etc maybe an inch above my knee my whole leg looks smaller. I wear capris that hit above the ankle where my leg thins out again.

Maybe Ellen has bad knees :confused3 ?
42 here and I have some pretty hot stems. No way am I gonna cover those babies up!

Would you tell Tina Turner to hide those gorgeous gams?! I think not and that woman is a bit over 50!

43-yo checking in. I'm wearing a dress at work right now that falls about 1" above my knee...without (GASP!) stockings! Plus, I wear shorts all summer long. Oh, and here's the worst part - I also wear bikinis.

My whole life I've never been in style. Now Ellen makes it official: I never will be.:lmao:
I'll be 40 in December, and I have no plans to get rid of my skirts or shorts.
I'm almost 44 and I still show my knees.

Stomach, no. Knees, yes. :p
I'm not saying I agree. I wouldn't wear mini skirts at any age, but thats just me. However, this is kind of a standard fashion rule. No minis after 40. Just like no white after labor day. But, they have been saying on "What not to Wear" that some of these rules are being ignored.
I better live it up for the next two years and show my knees then:lmao:
nope - don't agree with ellen

i'll be 50 in august, and can still pass for early 30s

have always been on the thin side, too

so - look for me this summer, wearing my hoochie-mama skirt with my red red red lipstick (something else ellen said us "over 40" shouldn't wear)

I'm 43 and have ugly knees, but it doesn't prevent me from showing them. LOL

Me, too, I have NEVER liked my knees! I prefer to cover them, but I do wear shorts or a swimsuit if the weather gets warm enough.

And in case anyone was wondering, Tina Turner's legendary gams are 67 years old! :thumbsup2
I'm 40 and wear shorts and skorts all summer. While I don't wear tiny minis anymore, I certainly still show my knees. In fact, just this morning as I was hanging clothes on the line, (in a short skort), and my DH stuck his head out the back door and shouted "nice gams"! True or not, I eat that stuff up with a spoon :rotfl:
I keep being told that at my age (late 30's) that I should cut my hair as its too long. Its waist length and staying that way.



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